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At DISCsimple we take human behaviour seriously and we commit to keep learning the language of DISC simple in an otherwise complicated world.

Join us at our free DISClive show and find out more about improving your relationships, clarifying your communication and transforming your teamwork.

Are you an organisation which uses or wants to use DISC with your people?

Using DISC with your people

  • DISC assessments and reports
  • A team of facilitators, trainers, coaches and consultants ready to deliver in person, virtually or a mixture of both
  • Certifications and Accreditations for your own Learning & Development team
  • Full administration, GDPR compliant service

Are you already using Everything DiSC® products and want a human being to help you with your use of products or to check pricing?  We are happy to help.

Are you looking for DISC Accreditation and Certifications and finding this a mystery with a big range of pricing and types of offers?  We will help you to make sense of the market before you invest. 

Using DISC with your people, but not using Everything DiSC®

If you are using a different publisher and looking at your options, we will provide you with the information you need to make decisions about the future of using DISC in your organisation.  We have an in-depth knowledge of other tools and publishers providing people tools in this industry and regularly provide advice to businesses who are making choices about the best people tools.

The first step?  Let’s make sure you are using the right product for the right need with a free DISCussion before you invest in your people. We recently saved a client £34,000 in the nick of time before they bought online without getting full advice.

Why use DISCsimple?

DISCsimple is a business established and set up for small or large teams and organisations with over 30 specialists and full consulting and administration support.

We are an award-winning Authorised Partner of Everything DiSC® (part of the Wiley group) who specialise solely in the topic of DISC.  This is all we do and we have been told we do it well!

Wiley only market and sell direct to retail clients through their network of Authorised Partners so why not keep it simple and have an initial chat with us?

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Are you a professional who uses or wants to use DISC with your clients and their teams?

  • DISC assessments and reports to provide to your clients
  • A specialist support team to provide full support with:
    • How to introduce and use DISC with your clients
    • Design and delivery
    • Access to the DISCsimple community of peers using the tool and share best practise and collaborate on projects
    • Certifications and Accreditations at reasonable prices
    • Full administration, GDPR compliant service

There are two ways of working with us depending on your own experience and needs:

Hands-on!  Full support offered to help you to be competent and confident to use DISC with your clients.

Han(d)s Solo!  Just purchase the DISC assessments for your clients from us (and access hands-on support when you need it.)

Why use DISCsimple?

We work with our retail clients to the benefit of our professional Associates (affectionately known as DISCiples!)

DISCsimple is a business established and set up to help professionals who use DISC with their own client projects.

We are an award-winning Authorised Partner of Everything DiSC® (part of the Wiley group) who specialise solely in the topic of DISC.  This is all we do and we have been told we do it well!

Do you want to join a network of like-minded people professionals?

We rejoice in the differences and thrive from collaborating with incredible people – our DISCiples! The talented HR professionals, independent consultants, and business coaches, who we empower to deliver the DiSC tool to their own clients.

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Your Personal Profile

As long as we and you agree that DISC is the right solution for you the process is simple.

  • Each participant completes an online profile.
  • A personalised report is provided which shows an accurate assessment of behavioural style along with knowledge about all the styles.
  • The report is supported by a call or meeting with one of our team. If you don’t want to do that in person you can have guidance on how to understand and use your report on a video.

So in less than one hour a participant completes the profile, understands it and are ready for action. Simple isn’t it?

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Decades Worth Of Development

The principles of understanding that people are different and have different behavioural styles dates back as far as the Ancient Greeks. In the 1920s, the DISC tool was developed and is now used by over a million people in the workplace every year. So, this is not new knowledge but it has been developed using accurate software for online profiles and comprehensive reports published by Everything DiSC®. Using these world-class products, DISCsimple is committed to keeping things simple in an otherwise complicated world.  

Get the Most Out of Your Team

What if communication were simpler?

What if teamwork were improved?

What if productivity increased?

To see how DISCsimple can help you, call us on 01558 821 123.

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Great interaction with facilitators

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5th April 2024

“Fantastic, informative and stimulated engagement.”

Client feedback

Eye opening 🙂 Thanks!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5th April 2024

“Learnt I need to stretch into my stress zones more. Practice ‘D’ tendencies”

Client feedback

Fantastic learning opportunity

Rated 5.0 out of 5
3rd April 2024

“I now am clear on some gaps that I can fill that will most benefit the team”

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