DiSC live free weekly session

In the “new world”, post COVID-19, how are you managing your human interactions? 

Are you:

  • Returning to work after a period of furlough;
  • Balancing working from home and home schooling;
  • Managing your relationships (both in work and at home) in a different way

Led by Em Melrose, this weekly zoom call will explain how DISCsimple will give you an insight into human patterns of behaviour and how you can adapt your style accordingly.

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Date: Every Monday at 1.00pm

Each session will last for no more than 30 minutes, and will start at 1.00pm. It’s perfect timing for you to attend in your lunch break.

Making DISC, Simple

 As the world becomes more complex and life becomes more complicated, what if a group of people set out on a quest to provide a tool to others to make relationships SIMPLE?

What if this tool helped you to better understand why you are like you are and helped you to easily identify the traits and behaviours of other people so you manage your relationships in a new way?

What if this tool helped you to maximise your results, have more fun and helped you to build long-lasting, loyal, useful, interesting relationships where frustration was reduced and your ability to communicate became more effective? 

We are proud to be the only Authorized Partner for Everything DiSC® in Wales. 

What we do

As long as we and you agree that DISC is the right solution for you the process is simple.

  • Each participant completes an on line profile.
  • A personalised report is provided which shows an accurate assessment of behavioural style along with knowledge about all the styles.
  • The report is supported by a call or meeting with one of our team. If you don’t want to do that in person you can have guidance on how to understand and use your report on a video.

So in less than one hour a participant completes the profile, understands it and are ready for action. Simple isn’t it?

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Decades Worth Of Development

The principles of understanding that people are different and have different behavioural styles dates back as far as the Ancient Greeks.

In the 1920s, the DISC tool was developed and is now used by over a million people in the workplace every year.

So, this is not new knowledge but it has been developed using accurate software for online profiles and comprehensive reports published by Everything DiSC®.

Using these world-class products, DISCsimple is committed to keeping things simple in an otherwise complicated world.

DISC Made Simple

DISCsimple works with people to understand this body of knowledge and to use the principals to improve their relationships.

By providing on line and face to face access to DISC knowledge we promise to keep DISC simple and to help people to improve their communication, teamwork and productivity.

Operating in a global network as an Authorised Partner with Everything DiSC®, part of Wiley Press, DISCsimple is known to operate in intergrity and with respect.

Our customers enjoy using DISC knowledge for good and never for evil!

Online Assessments

DISCsimple assessments and reports are designed and priced to encourage organisations to teach EVERYONE the language of DISC.

Learning & Development

DISCsimple provides a range of proven programmes developed by the global publishers Wiley to improve teamwork, productivity and communication.

Events & Keynotes

The DISCsimple team provides a diverse range of conference speakers for main platform and breakout sessions with tailored presentation to achieve the result you desire.

Get the Most Out of Your Team

What if communication were simpler?

What if teamwork were improved?

What if productivity increased?

To see how DISCsimple can help you, call us on 01558 821 123.

Excellent (10/10)

   What Our Clients Say

Profile held a mirror up and challenges I have faced became clear. Follow up support call gave me further insight and more tools to be a better me

5.0 rating
8th October 2020

I have been attending the DISC live (free) events and was lucky enough to win the opportunity to have my profile completed. This was a simple and speedy process and the results were really interesting. The spooky accuracy of who I am at the core along with the insight into the other areas of my personality were truly spot on!. This was followed up with a support call with the lovely Em. Em, gave me a tour of the DISC Catalyst platform where there are videos, tools and ‘everythingdisc’. Her expert deeper insight allowed me to visualise how I can use the profile in so many situations, professional and personal to build better relationships, further my career and take me where I want to be. It also allows me to understand others around me so much better and adapt my approach to get the best outcomes for us all! Highly recommend the DISCsimple team and will continue to learn through future events.

Lynnette Davies

Em and Sarah helped me get my recruitment right... first time!

5.0 rating
16th September 2020

I met Sarah and Em during a virtual networking event and i was immediately blown away by how passionate they both were and how simply they broke down the principles of DISC. I personally needed some extra support to make a final decision on my recruitment earlier this year and used the personality profiling that they provide. It was unbelievably accurate & helped me make right decision on recruitment & understand how best our personalities work together.
I will definitely be using this service again and i highly recommend Em & Sarah.

Katie Moss

Em’s explanations are so clear

5.0 rating
3rd August 2020

The Discsimple during COVID has been a real revelation, understanding how different people react in different situations is really insightful. As a ‘C’ I am getting an sneak peak into how others tick. They don’t all like process. Who knew!?

John Dray