8 Tips to Being a Great Manager!
Jan 21, 2022
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There is so much more to management than just telling people what to do and expecting the job to be completed quickly and satisfactorily. It is not as easy as you may think! 

We believe that everyone manages people at some point, whether you are at work and managing a team or at home and you are managing the plumber or your children or partner.

We know that everyone is different. Some people are ideal to work with, whereas others may be slightly more difficult, especially if their DISC style is the opposite of yours. If you are managing a team of people, it is your responsibility to do the best job that you can, for yourself, for them, and for the organisation.  

More and more people have been leaving their jobs in ‘The Great Resignation’ since the coronavirus pandemic struck. Managers need to be able to engage and inspire their employees to want to keep their jobs. 

The e-book  ‘How To Stop The Great Resignation’  tells us some statistics about people’s thoughts on their managers and the effect this has on job satisfaction: 

Business Growth DISCiples

We believe that there are 8 key areas of management that can help any manager lead their teams to success: 

  1. First and foremost understand yourself. Know what your working style is and what you expect from your team. You need to be aware of others and understand how to adapt to those who are different from you.
  2. Get Curious. Take an interest in your employees’ lives and ask them questions. Listen to what they say and value their thoughts and opinions on the business and the way the organisation works. If you make them feel like valued members of the team, they will be more loyal to you and the business.  
  3. Delegate and Direct. Understanding how others work and what their styles might be will help you to delegate and direct work to them. It can be very complex as we are all individuals, however, considering how others may approach a project can help you be clearer when delegating and directing your team.  
  4. Build a working environment that helps to motivate and inspire your people. ‘You can’t motivate people. They have to motivate themselves.’ As a manager, your words aren’t enough.  Creating a positive work environment can boost your team’s morale and encourage them to want to work.  
  5. Invest in your people. Spend the time and effort to develop the talents your team have. Supporting long term growth will hugely benefit your people and focusing on their strengths instead of trying to fix their weaknesses will help to increase employee morale and confidence. 
  6. Manage up. Work to influence your own manager. You need to understand their personal styles so you can get buy-in on your projects. Knowing what your own manager values and being able to adapt your own working styles to suit them will help to improve your working relationship, and often inspires them to do the same. Furthermore, having insight into how they work will also help you deal with conflict, and you will have the tools to diffuse tense situations with a productive outcome.
  7. Don’t be afraid! Be open and upfront with your team, even when delivering bad news. Being honest and transparent will help you earn their trust and in time their loyalty. Using the Catalyst platform allows for a certain level of transparency between you and your team members, so not only can you understand how they work, but they will be able to see your preferences in the workplace as well. 
  8. Don’t stop learning – keep yourself up to date with new technologies, trends, ways of working will all be beneficial in building and maintaining your strengths as a manager. 

Managing is not easy, and these 8 things are by no means simple or the only things but being aware of these eight tips could make your job a little bit simpler. 

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Keeping things simple in a complicated world.

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