Amanda Daly

Alison Clegg

Starting my career in PR and marketing, my experience moved across into sales and I have a 26-year background in Sales. I also have gained the experience of owning and running my own IT and Telecoms Business.

Having been an MD with a team of up to 24 staff. I have gained a lot of hands-on experience of running a business and a team and I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of my time in this role helping and advising many business owners with improvements and process that was gained through the implementation of IT.

Whilst owning Dalycom, I also set up my own Business Consultancy to coach business leaders through the experience I had gained. The coaching consultancy was established in 2007. I am a qualified coach with a Post Graduate qualification in Professional coaching.

The Business consultancy started to grow and rather than just coach the leaders I began working with the whole team to help explore and implement commercial opportunities and a positive mindset and team culture.

In 2019 I took the leap of faith and left the IT and Telecoms business to allow myself time to develop my passion which was my consultancy business full time. My business consultancy is now approaching 5 years and I currently coach 12 other businesses, working with teams and leaders to explore and identify areas of improvement to assist with growth. I do not publish who I work with this always remains confidential.

I am an active member of the Leicester Business Community and I also have the privilege of being a Trustee board member of Menphys. I am also a member of the DeMontfort University faculty of Business and Law Advisory Panel.