Being the Hero of your Business
Jul 7, 2021
Every child dreams of being a superhero, of having their own powers, to do something extraordinary and believing that they can change the world. Well, we at DISCsimple still believe you can do just that. Since 2008, Marvel has dominated our screens with the Avengers franchise, where superheroes team up and defeat the villains threatening the world. These films are action packed, engaging and exciting, just like running a business. DISC is a language made up of four different styles:

D – Fast paced, task focused.
I – Fast paced, people focused.
S – Steady paced, people focused.
C – Steady paced, task focused.

Each style has their own preferred working behaviours and bring different strengths to the workforce. We believe it is possible for you to use these styles to become the hero of your own business. PeopleKeys, another DISC provider, have written a blog on some of the Avengers and their DISC styles, however, we have chosen our favourite characters to share with you:

Thor – D style – Thor is quick thinking, striking his enemies with his hammer. He is a take action, ask questions later kind of guy. Doing what he can to achieve his objective.

Spiderman – I style – Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, otherwise known as Peter Parker, is funny, charismatic, and optimistic. He enjoys the attention Spiderman achieves and always has a witty comeback when facing his enemies.

Black Panther – S style – Black Panther, or T’Challa, is the leader of Wakanda, a secret, small, and isolated country in Africa. He always thinks of his people and puts them first, doing what he can to protect them from exposure.

Captain Marvel – C style – Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, former astronaut, and pilot, now, uses her abilities to protect the universe. She is a strong leader and takes her time analysing each situation, understanding all possible outcomes before acting and ensures that everything she does gets the job done correctly.

To discover your own superpower style, join us at our DISClive events and find out how your style’s attributes can help you be the hero of your business.