Live Stream on Facebook

01558 821 123 discover@discsimple.comLive Facebook Stream Liz Norton delivers a great opening Live Stream session on the DISCsimple FaceBook page. Our vision for the Live Stream sessions is to build a DISCommunity who engage in interesting and useful DISCussion about...

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01558 821 123 discover@discsimple.comIn LOVE with DISC Love is the sweetest thing, especially if we understand DISC. A leading on line dating agency uses software based in DISC to connect members looking to find love. Some of these sites have good results. The site is...

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The DISC Code of Conduct

01558 821 123 discover@discsimple.comThe DISC Code of Conduct There are some basic codes of conduct to consider when using a tool like DISC.   Don’t believe that any one style is better than another. Don’t pigeon hole people. Don’t use it as an excuse for...

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