This programme is for business leaders who want to embark on a journey of growth for their business.

Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders provides a simple, three-step process on how you approach the most fundamental work of leaders: Creating a Vision, Building Alignment around that vision, and Championing Execution of the vision.

Working with you and your Board, your businesssimple consultant will help you develop your own personalised action plan to become more effective leaders of your business.

Your consultant will attend your Board meetings in an advisory role, guiding you through each stage of your journey.  


The Need for Change – Identify strengths and opportunities to pinpoint the options open to you as you make your journey.

Understand the Landscape – Create a snapshot of the market and your competition to reveal the external factors affecting the organisation.

Your North Star – Determine purpose, agree core values, create your vision and strategic map, define what success means to you.

Plan Your Journey – Define, develop and communicate what the organisation will look like, be like, feel like, act like.

Equip the Team – Develop and engage at all levels in the organisation to deliver, support and embed change.

Improve Performance – Add new ideas, new tools, new ways of thinking and working for transformational, measurable results.

businesssimple is offered as a retainer that will be set at a level to match the pace at which you want to travel. It will be delivered by experts in business growth, innovation, leadership and change.

In addition to attendance at your Board, businesssimple can be delivered through one to one coaching or facilitated group workshops designed to embed new learning and develop your confidence, and facilitated review sessions to offer guidance on what happens when you apply the knowledge.