Chris Sheppard

S Style (Supporter)

Culture Dynamics within Family Run businesses

Working with SMEs to improve efficiency and productivity

First time employer mentorship

TUPE management and guidance

As a S style my approach has been described as firm, friendly and fair. Working in partnership with my clients we get the best outcome for all by balancing people, business needs and employment regulations.

How can I help you?
As a business owner and employer, I have an in depth understanding of running an. I get the daily pressure and pinch points. I offer a safe non-judgmental space for employers to discuss their people concerns.

How I work:
By understanding what good HR looks like for my clients I am then able to work supportively and collaboratively. This is done remotely over the last 3 years, this can be incredibly efficient as not all SME’s have a private meeting space or have time to travel to a meeting venue.

Interesting facts about me:
• I was once held up in a zoo by an escaped animal
• If I wasn’t working in HR, I would have my own dog day care centre
• I am the mother of a Lord
• I was once in a play on BBC2

I worked with Chris to help understand their operational team. Their culture had started to become dysfunctional, and the business owner needed to understand where they where able to move forward more successfully. The feedback from the client and team was Chris was fantastic and where complimentary about the profiles.

Jayne Temple – Heald

Duchess HR