Claire Elmes

Si Style (Supporter/Influencer)

Alison Clegg

I am passionate about work life balance, having hit burnout in 2015 I aim to prevent others from doing the same, whether that is supporting significant difficulties with stress and trauma or lifestyle changes such as sleep management and self-confidence. I love supporting families and bringing work and life together in harmony.

I am friendly and approachable and help people to feel at ease, whilst encouraging them to take actionable steps towards their goals. I use science backed tools to help improve performance on an individual, team and organisational level.

How can I help you?
I can help you and your team to feel motivated, connected and have a toolkit to manage stress, anxiety and lifestyle, improving staff retention and performance and helping the business to thrive not just survive.

I can help individuals to feel valued and gain insights into their identity, personality and behaviours to really help them find their purpose and passion.

How I work:
I provide a range of services with trained professionals who know and understand how to deliver the bespoke solution to suit your individual and business needs, from a comprehensive Wellbeing Analysis, Workshops and Webinars and team support through to 1:1 coaching and therapy including parenting and child support.

We use science backed tools and DISC is a great tool within what we do.

Interesting facts about me:
• I love a challenge and am adrenaline seeking often undertaking crazy challenges such as a solo accelerated freefall, triathlon and tough mudder!
• I am just getting back into sea swimming after a 10-year break and am really into the natural benefits of lifestyle changes.
• I have 2 children a husband and a dog and am really passionate about having fun and quality time together.



The presentation was well received with lots of positive feedback. It was an interactive session which was light hearted and kept the audience engaged

Sussex and Surrey Police Wellbeing Day

Claire has always been so supportive, creative and sharing her vast knowledge and expertise…her approachable manner made it so easy to share the good and the bad with her