Closing the Deal – C Style
Nov 26, 2021
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To close a sale you need to have an understanding of your customer’s behavioural style. If you do not know how to communicate with your customer in their preferred style, the outcome of the sale can be affected. It is important to understand and adapt to someone else’s behavioural style in order to secure the sale and close the deal. 

DISC is a behavioural tool that indicates your particular style – and can act like a handbook! We are each a blend of all four styles but tend to favour one over another. When it comes to sales, we all have different priorities that we look for. These tend to differ slightly from what drives our styles in general.  

In this blog, I’m going to focus on the C style.  

C’s are the Consider style, they are steady-paced, and task-focused.  

In the workplace, their drivers are Accuracy, Stability and Challenge. However, when it comes to their sales priorities, this moves to Quality, Competency and Dependability. 

We have come up with 4 ways of how to close a deal with an C style person and help you meet these priorities:  

  1. Focus on the detail, a C style is typically cautious and reflective and will ask a lot of questions. They want to know all the information even things you don’t know before making a decision. Take care to maintain polite communication even if you start to feel a little frustrated! 
  2. Be honest. Answer all their questions as fully and truthfully as possible, if you don’t know the answer find someone who does. Do not lie or bluff your way through the sale – there is a good chance a C style will have done their research and already know the answer – They just might be testing you!  
  3. If you are asked to follow up after a certain amount of time or in a certain way, make sure you do it – not before not after – set a reminder. This speaks to your dependability and accuracy and is important to a C style. 
  4. Don’t assume that a slow response or no response at all is a no sale. Be patient and respectful.  Listen to the customer, stay polite and willing to answer all the questions!

Closing the deal can be the hardest part of any sale. If you have identified a person as a C style, focus on answering their questions and ensuring that they have all the information needed to make a considered decision. Be patient and understand that a C style will take their time to get back to you.   

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