Closing the Deal – D Style
Nov 5, 2021
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We at DISCsimple speak a lot about learning how to communicate and work with people who may be a different behavioural style than yourself but how does this translate into a sales environment? How do you secure a sale or close a deal when the person that you are selling to doesn’t come with a manual? 

DISC is a behavioural tool that indicates your particular style – and can act as a handbook! We are made up of all four styles but tend to favour one over another and when it comes to sales, we all have different priorities that we look for. These tend to differ slightly from what drives our styles in general.  

In this blog, I’m going to focus on the D style. 

Ds are the Dominant or Doer style, they are fast-paced, and task-focused. 

In the workplace, their drivers are Results, Action, and Challenge. 

However, when it comes to their sales priorities, Challenge is replaced by Competency. 

We have come up with 4 ways of how to close a deal with a D style person and help you meet these priorities: 

  1. Be direct. 
  2. Where possible focus on the outcomes or results in numerical terms. Phrases like your Return on Investment, or some kind of percentage or statistical figures are very useful when speaking to a D style. No need for detail just the important figures. E.g using this product can increase your profit margin by 45% or You can expect a 20% return on investment. 
  3. Make everything simple and clear – don’t have hidden or sneaky steps to the process. 
  4. Do not put closing the deal off– if a D says Yes go with it and put through the sale as quick as possible. Alternatively, if they say No, do not continuously pester them. No is usually a NO!  

Closing the deal can be the hardest part of any sale. If you have identified a person as a D style, focus on the results and be as straightforward as possible. They do not want to wait around for you and will more than likely have made up their mind almost immediately and will want to move ahead quickly. 

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Keeping things simple in a complicated world.

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