Closing the Deal – i Style
Nov 12, 2021
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At DISCsimple we are passionate about sales and communication with everyone. We understand that people we work with may have a different behavioural style to our own and want to help you learn how, using DISC you can secure the sale and close the deal. 

DISC is a behavioural tool that indicates your particular style – and can act like a handbook! We are each a blend of all four styles but tend to favour one over another. When it comes to sales, we all have different priorities that we look for. These tend to differ slightly from what drives our styles in general.  

In this blog, I’m going to focus on the I style. 

I’s are the Influencer style, they are fast-paced and people-focused.  

In the workplace an i-style’s drivers are Enthusiasm, Action and Collaboration.

However, when it comes to their sales priorities, Collaboration is swapped with Relationships. 

We have come up with 4 ways of how to close a deal with a I style person and help you meet these priorities:  

  1. Emphasise as much ‘fun’ as possible – focus on gamification, a special offer, discounts or building a loyalty scheme. 
  2. Show and demonstrate the product and its ‘new’ and unique features to gain buy-in. Be sure to mention any influencers, market leaders or competitors that use the product to highlight who already uses it.  Testimonials are really important to an I-style so any story that you can tell about a buyer just like them who used the product and loved it/it worked for is important. 
  3. I’s are known to be indecisive so focus on closing the deal quickly and reassuring them that they have made the right choice. 
  4. Don’t rush the story – focus on telling the story and building a relationship with an I style. They love the story and thrive off an enjoyable and enthusiastic selling experience.  

Closing the deal can be the hardest part of any sale. If you have identified a customer as an I style, focus on your communication and making the whole experience fun and fast-paced. I styles are people orientated and so the relationship that you build with your I style client will be key. Reassure an I that they are making the right decision by nurturing your relationship and demonstrating the benefits of the product. Use social media to highlight who else is using the product and how much they love it! 

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Keeping things simple in a complicated world.

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