Understand your Partner Better


DISCsimple has a profile for you and your partner to enjoy. Whilst your workplace relationships are important, the relationships you have at home are just as crucial. The new DISC Relationship Report allows you to identify and understand your own style and recognise and understand your partner’s style. DISC gives you the tools to help you become a better partner. You will be able to: 

  • Develop your own natural strengths
  • Recognise and improve your limitations
  • Communicate more effectively with your partner

Each action that you take in a relationship can be described by looking at the four styles. We are a blend of all four, however, over a long period of time, everyone’s preferred style can be predicted. Each style can be identified by certain behaviours:

  • Dominance – Assertive
  • Influence – Persuasive
  • Steadiness – Supportive
  • Conscientiousness – Analytical

What you will be able to do is observe and identify your behavioural responses in different situations. You can explore your reactions and those of your partner in different contexts and environments. This allows you to determine the best course of action. Becoming more self-aware of how you instinctively respond as well as understanding your partner’s natural reactions allows for effective communication, adapting your responses to reduce conflict in your relationships.

It all starts with a willingness to adapt. Make the effort to think about how your response will affect others rather than reacting instinctively. Every style is capable of adapting and your ability will improve over time. Do not try to imitate your partner, stay true to yourself but consider the needs and wants of your partner based on what you have learnt from their DISC style.

Transform your understanding of your partner’s behaviour, be empowered to understand yourself and deepen your relationship and connection with your loved one.
Get a profile each and a support call to have a DISC expert talk you both through what it all means.