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My approach is to focus on how people communicate with each other to build winning relationships, create stronger teams, grow trust, and have more fun. I believe our behavioral approach is hard wired and once we understand who we are we can then begin to understand others. What motivates us, stresses us, speeds us up, or slows us down can be vastly different. When we understand each other, we can all go farther and faster together.

How can I help you?
Are you a business leader who has missed a goal or failed to achieve what you had in your plan?

Are you seeing conflict between your team members or gaps in communication between what you are asking for and what is being produced?

Is work with people you like becoming less enjoyable or feeling like a lot of time is being wasted?

I can help you understand, build, and implement a plan for success with your existing team.

How I work:
We begin with assessing behavior styles of everyone on the team including a one-on-one consultation for each team member. This can be done virtually.

The next step is to learn to identify other behavior styles and then how to adapt to each other. This is done in small group settings to best engage each member.

We also spend time refreshing the knowledge of behavior styles with monthly, bi-month, or quarterly sessions. This reinforces and continues the lifelong learning on the subject.

As you will always related to others in your work and personal life, you should continue to “sharpen the saw” of knowledge on how to best relate to others throughout your life.

Interesting facts about me:
• I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York State (about 4 hours from New York City).

• I have a brilliant and funny 11 year old daughter.

• I adopted a rescue puppy from our local SPCA in March 2023.

• I have six fingers on my left hand.

• I wonder if anyone reads this and knows I made up fact number four.

David’s talk put the most important part of any project, its people and how we relate to each other, into a great frame work. Offering insight into the importance of our inner personal relationships and working together in a way that works for both parties was a great eye opener. He teaches make it easy for you to work in a harmonious manner with the other person.

Dave has a monumental capacity to build relationships, understanding that whether the connection is professional or otherwise, caring and giving to people generates lasting and trusting partnerships in life. His work is clear and refreshingly transparent, thus achieving consistent win-win results.

Dave is an excellent presenter and can clearly communicate in a fun yet informative atmosphere. If you or your business is dependent on relationship based sales, his programs are a valuable investment in your bottom line. 

Email: dave@centerpointus.com