DISC Certification 


Do you want a simple way to use DISC confidently with your teams and clients?

Here’s the solution.  DISCsimple are sharing their knowledge of all things DISC with a tailor-made DISC certification programme.


During the programme you will explore…

  • How to understand the DISC styles
  • Style spotting
  • How to read profiles and support learners
  • Facilitation ideas for online and in person delivery
  • Best practice delivery tools, ideas and techniques
  • How to gain the most value from the Catalyst learning platform
  • How to authentically adapt your style and become fluent in the language of DISC
  • How to improve communication, teamwork and productivity by using DISC


If you become a DISCiple with us this will come included as part of your onboarding – to find out more on being a DISCiple please click here.


If you are interested in gaining a DISC certification independently, the cost for this 4 hour virtual workshop including your Everything DiSC Workplace, Management and Agile EQ profiles on Catalyst is £500+VAT with a retail bundle value of £250.


Facilitators: Suzi Powell & Jac Leonard

Suzi is our client relationship manager and our Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ Queen! She will take you on a tour of the Online Catalyst™ platform and show you how you can use it in your organisations and with your clients to bring DISC learning to life!

Jac has over 25 years’ cross-sector experience as a facilitator, coach and manager. Since giving up what her brother called a proper job at the end of 2006 she has worked as a freelance learning consultant. She specialises in designing and delivering learning interventions for leaders and professional educators, and helping clients deliver profitable customer focused experiences. Her recent contract with Bangor Business School, involved supporting the leadership development and business growth of SMEs across North Wales through the ION and Help to Grow programmes.