DiSC Family Day
Apr 27, 2021

DiSC is a language, used to improve communication around the workplace by understanding everyone’s different behavioural styles. However, for the first time ever, DISCsimple hosted an Easter holiday special family event.

Using the same formula that you do at work; the DiSC model can also help you to communicate with those closest to you. The hour-long fun packed session focused on identifying the styles of parents and their children to help them develop an understanding of how to build better family relationships.

This event wasn’t only for parents and their youngsters , but also for those with adult children too! It is never too late to better understand your family behaviours and DISCsimple created a perfect opportunity for all to come with their loved ones and take part.

The four styles were broken down and explained in terms of their Easter Egg eating habits:

  • The D style (Doers) rip open all the packaging and eat the chocolate egg all to themselves.
  • The I style (Influencers) open their eggs quickly and show it off to all their friends, possibly taking pictures for their social media.
  • The S style (Supporters) carefully open their chocolate eggs, share it out amongst their friends and hope there’s some left over for themselves to enjoy.
  • The C style (Considerers) gratefully receive their eggs and leave it until after their dinner.

For those unfamiliar with DiSC, the model was simply explained and both parents and children had fun analysing each other and figuring out which style best matched their family members. We have been told that the event evoked many follow up DISCussions within families on their behavioural habits and why someone might react the way they do to certain situations.

Overall, the DiSC family session helped provide an Easter themed overview of DiSC to pinpoint our preferred ways of communicating with our nearest and dearest to help harmonise our life, not only at work, but at home, too!