DISC is Not Just an HR Tool
Jul 1, 2021
DISC is a behavioural styles tool used by over a million people in the workplace each year. Despite its uses in recruitment, on boarding, engagement, appraisal, discipline and learning, and development for seniors and leaders in business, DISC is not just an HR tool. It can also be used by organisations to help their teams build strong relationships internally and externally.
We at DISCsimple see DISC as a language with 4 different accents/styles:

D style – the Doers.
I style – the Influencers.
S style – the Supporters.
C style – the Considerers.

Internally, DISC can help you understand your colleagues’ preferred methods of working, improve your work culture creating a team made up of a blend of styles, and give you the knowhow of playing to each of your team member’s strengths.

Externally, it is a tool that can improve your dialogue with customers, enhance your marketing communications with your audience and further your supplier relationships. DISC can also be used outside of work to help you. In your private lives, develop the ability to identify your friends’ and family’s DISC style, giving you an insight into the reasons behind the choices they make and actions they take.

A useful tool that saves you money and time per learner, that can be used in a way that gives all the team some knowledge to help identify different style traits. Every style can sell as long as they are aware of their style and the style of the buyer, so that they can adapt their selling techniques to suit their customers, increasing productivity.

DISC is an invaluable tool that can be used by everyone in your business to build better relationships with their teams as well as bettering interactions with customers and suppliers.

To find out more information on identifying the DISC styles attend our DISClive events and find out more about the different traits of each style.