If you have a DISC profile on the Catalyst learning platform OR you thinking about one and want to learn more about how the platform works…..come on a DISCdemo.


After the demo you will understand:

  • How to use the learning platform as an individual user
  • How to use the learning platform to work with a team
  • How to access extra knowledge and tools on the platform (how to access podcasts and videos)
  • How to improve relationships with your team by seeing comparisons with your colleagues’ results
  • How to use the platform in your organisation to make significant and positive change
  • How to keep things SIMPLE!!

The demo sessions are 30 minutes – here are the upcoming dates.   

Thurs 3rd June 10.00
Wed 9th June 13.00
Wed 30th June 10.30
Tues 13th July 10.30
Thurs 29th July 16.00
Thurs 12th Aug 10.00
Thurs 26th Aug 16.00

Please register on the form below:

Look forward to showing you round the best thing to happen to DISC in 2021!