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DISChool is a place where you can access learning from industry experts to deepen your learning and link it to behaviour.

It is curated to provide powerful and cost-effective courses that will impact your business, your clients and your life.

Making DISC, work for you

Our DISCiples (Associates) are always interested in their own personal development.  They are all experts in their own right, so we all put our heads together and formed an impressive faculty so that knowledge can be shared.  A typical DISCsimple “collaboration” took place and in 2021, DISChool was created.

With heavily subsided fees the curriculum enables DISCiples to access a range of topics, delivered virtually in bite-sized chunks to upskill and to manifest that they need using knowledge from the trusted relationships in their own community.  A simple and cost-effective way for our team to access personal development.  A simple and powerful way for our team to deepen their relationships before they collaborate on joint projects.

DISChool classes are also available to public to private companies and public sector for employees who want to gain knowledge in DISC to help to design and deliver their own company projects.  

DISChool is run like a school!  We have a Faculty, a Bursar, a Curriculum, a Prospectus!


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DISChool covers topics such as

  • Kick Start* – DISCiple Onboarding providing confidence and competence to deliver Everything DiSC® range of products with your clients
  • Understanding Relationships at Work – Accreditation to support your use of Everything DiSC Agile EQ®
  • DISCsimple DISC AccreditationStarter
  • DISCsimple DISC Accreditation – Advanced
  • DISCover Learning – City and Guilds Advanced Education and Training
  • DISCover Leadership – ILM 3 and 5 qualifications in Leadership
  • DISCover Catalyst – DISCsimple Accreditation using the Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ learning platform

*(DISCiples only)

Not sure where to start?  To speak to one of us before you book and to make sure the class is the right fit for you and you don’t waste time or money, just send us a message…. Click Here.

Understanding Relationships at Work - £400+VAT

Jeremy will provide four 1-hour workshops at 11:00am on the 20th and 27th of September & the 4th and 11th of October.

This course is for anyone who is curious about how relationships in the workplace function and who wants to improve their own work relationships and, perhaps, help others to improve theirs.

We recognise that the primary factor which elevates a mediocre team into a great one is the quality of the relationships between the people in the team.  And between them and their colleagues, clients and other stakeholders.  And quality of relationships is dependent on insight and understanding of what’s going on.

Price £400+VAT.

If you are a DISCiple you can get this course for the incredible price of £250+VAT.

The class consists of four 60 minute virtually delivered workshops during which you will learn: 

  • What emotional intelligence is
  • Why understanding behavioural styles is necessary but not sufficient to productive work relationships
  • How our behaviour is determined by our feelings and beliefs
  • How relationships go through a sequence with definable stages
  • The bad things that can happen in work relationships
  • Why they happen
  • How we ‘sabotage’ our work relationships
  • How to reduce tension and be happier at work
  • More productive communication
  • Strategies for avoiding conflict
  • How to get unstuck and move on

The course will include:

  • The ‘Behaviour cycle’ model used in CBT
  • The ‘Stages of a relationship’ model [Susan Campbell and Chuck Spezzano]

The course is interactive, enabling delegates to share their own experiences and ideas, ask questions and challenge the trainer.  This is likely to result in the trainer introducing more material to address points raised by delegates.

The course will be run under Chatham House rules (ie, nothing said on the course may be repeated outside the course in a way that identifies anyone).  Delegates are under no pressure to share anything that they do not wish to share.

There will be handouts.

Facilitator: Jeremy Marchant

DISCsimple DISC Accreditation – Starter

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DISCover Learning

Coming Soon!



DISCover Catalyst

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Kick Start

To become accredited all our DISCiples have to attend our Orienteering and Kick Start training sessions which are:

1 x 2 hour orientation meeting with our Head of Associate Relations, Alison Clegg – to be arranged directly with Alison.

Following the orientation meeting all DISCiples will be required to book onto a half day Kick Start training programme that delve into all things DISCimple and give a good grounding on the profiles we provide. To sign up Click Here.


DISCsimple DISC Accreditation – Advanced

Coming Soon!



DISCover Leadership

Coming Soon!



Meet your Faculty

Suzi Powell

Suzi Powell


Suzi is our client relationship manager and our Everything DiSC® Catalyst™  Queen! She will take you on a tour of the Online Catalyst™ platform and show you how you can use it in your organisations and with your clients to bring DISC learning to life!

Jac Leonard

Jac Leonard

Sarah Owen

Sarah Owen

Everything DiSC

Sarah has been working with clients using DISC for over 25 years. Sarah has successfully worked with thousands of clients in that time using on line and paper assessments and reports. She has delivered to audiences of 1 to over 800 and brings humour and a deep understanding in how adults learn to her work. You may know Sarah is a C style introvert but fear not she is a situational extrovert! Sarah’s main skill is to review complex knowledge and distill it into communication and learning to be relevant and interesting to a specific audience.

Jeremy Marchant

Jeremy Marchant

EI for AgileEQ

Jeremy Marchant is a business coach and personal counsellor who specialises in the interface between business life and personal life.  His favourite Zen saying is, ‘A person stands in their own shadow and wonders why it is dark’.  His EI for AgileEQ course provides the illumination. Jeremy is a Partner of DISCsimple and he helps DISCiples deepen their understanding of psychology generally, so that they can work more effectively with clients and colleagues

Online Assessments

DISCsimple assessments and reports are designed and priced to encourage organisations to teach EVERYONE the language of DISC.

Learning & Development

DISCsimple provides a range of proven programmes developed by the global publishers Wiley to improve teamwork, productivity and communication.

Events & Keynotes

The DISCsimple team provides a diverse range of conference speakers for main platform and breakout sessions with tailored presentation to achieve the result you desire.

Get the Most Out of Your Team

What if communication were simpler?

What if teamwork were improved?

What if productivity increased?

To see how DISCsimple can help you, call us on 01558 821 123.

Excellent (10/10)

   What Our Clients Say

Thanks to you guys for your super service!

Rated 4 out of 5
16th December 2022

We have been using DISCsimple for both our Recruitment arm as well as for our Coaching. The need for swiftly receiving a DISC/EQ profile report into our hands is crucial for our customers needs and the work that we do with them. Alex and Suzi have been brilliant in facilitating this for us. Thanks for this great service (and the profile reports have been excellent too!).

Neil Osment

Supportive network who are transparent and delightful to work with

Rated 5 out of 5
10th August 2021

I met Sarah Owen when I was considering setting up my own wellness consultancy, Unshakable Resilience and signed up quickly in becoming a DISC partner. I had some understanding of these communication tools so I knew what I had signed up for. Learning DISC has the power to help with team communication, engagement, collaboration and cultural transition. However this company is such a breath of fresh air to work with. Straightforward, clear and simple. They are transparent and supportive and really wrap their arms around giving you the tools so you can utilise them in the best way possible for your clients. Being an entrepreneur can be a tough and lonely journey but it’s so reassuring to know there are team members who I can call upon when I get stuck.

Thank you to the DISC team for your continuing partnership and support.

Much appreciated

Krish 🙂


Supportive and Engaging

Rated 5 out of 5
10th May 2021

Disc is a tool.

DiscSimple is a company.

The Team of Sarah, Em and Suzi bring the vision to life.

Engaging, friendly and supportive with a passionate desire and zeal to help associates develop their businesses in a strategic manner , with an emphasis on the quality of the customer experience.

Nice people to do business with!

Anthony Munday