DISCiple Kick Start Programme

Associates working with DISCsimple are affectionately known as DISCiples!

These amazing people are typically coaches and business consultants who value DISC as a tool to enhance their clients’ results.
This one day programme will kick start your association with DISCsimple.  Simple isn’t it?!

Morning Session: 
Full training in the DISC model – knowledge based learning to ensure you are equipped to deliver DISC to your clients.  Whether you are a novice or experienced in using DISC this session is designed to help you to deliver DISC with confidence.

After Lunch:
This nuts and bolts session will equip you with knowledge about the culture of DISCsimple and our commitment to keep things simple in an otherwise complicated world; show you the logistics of how to order reports for clients; help you to understand relevant pricing;  give you access to the range of videos, scripts and support tools (like the Comparison Reports) to help your clients to understand and embed the learning from their DISC experience;  provide you with clear etiquette for billing your clients and give you the opportunity to learn by live role play so you can easily market and sell the products and deliver the profile support interviews.