“My aim is to create a monthly event which DISCiples can’t wait to visit because of the value it brings to their own businesses and clients.  I am the guide on the side not the sage on the stage and my role is to facilitate the session and explore the opportunities and wisdom in the room.  We are here to help DISCiples use the DISC tool to grow their businesses.  It is as SIMPLE as that.”  Jac Leonard.

Making DISC, Simple for all!

Our DISCiples Meet each month is for our DISCsimple Associates (affectionately known as our DISCiples).  The session focuses on professionals who use the DISC tool with their clients.   A chance to explore opportunities and the wisdom of a community of professionals to help to grow your business.  Facilitated by Jac Leonard, the session provides our team with a friendly and honest environment to build relationships with each other, as well as interesting and most of all useful information to take away and use.


DISCiples Meet is a monthly facilitated live session for Associates (DISCiples) of DISCsimple.  The aim of the community is to help DISCiples to use DISC to grow their own businesses.   The questions we often get asked are:  how do I bring DISC into the conversation with my clients?; how do I price it?; how do I market DISC?; how do I choose the right solution for my clients?; how do I use the tool with my clients?   The answer is often “it depends!”  What you can rely on is a wealth of experience from the Mothership Team who are here to support you and the combined wisdom of the DISCiple community to gain the knowledge you need to succeed.  We pledge to keep it simple together!


The first Monday of each month 13.45 – 14.45 on Zoom.  


Facilitated by Jac Leonard, an accomplished and experienced coach and DISCiple, Jac leads an interesting and useful session which includes a live facilitation to bring your ideas to life.  We encourage self-reflection and learning in a safe and friendly environment. This session ability provides you to ‘learn and return’ as well as the opportunity to work with other professionals with shared values who are using the DISC tool with their clients.

What do you get?  

This monthly meet-up is for the DISCiples to build relationships and to collaborate on projects, share ideas and best practice, celebrate success, learn about latest trends in the DISC marketplace and to take advantage of our monthly product offer.

How Much? 

Along with your individual support call, this monthly session is included in your DISCiple monthly support fee.


Become a DISCsimple Associate (DISCiple)

When you join DISCsimple as an associate (DISCiple) you enter into a warm supportive and thriving community of independent consultants, HR professionals, coaches, teachers and more.

As a DISCiple you will

  • be able to provide the right products and the right solutions to your clients
  • feel confident in using DISC knowledge
  • have the back-up and support of experts
  • gain new clients
  • access all support tools to make the whole experience just simple for you and for your clients.

As a DISCiple of DISCsimple, you have the opportunity to teach and help others to improve their results and relationships.

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DISClive SHOW every Monday 1-1.30

100% of employees are people. 100% of customers are people. 100% of investors of people. If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.

Simon Sinek

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Always puts a smile on my face!


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I learn something every time I go


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A lovely group of people – I always learn something


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