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DISClivePRO is for professionals

…and industry leaders who want to effectively use DISC assessments and profiles as part of their toolkit. Building foundations that help to establish a positive workplace culture in today’s world.  

Our live show on a Thursday is led by human behaviour experts and helps people development professionals understand the most impactful ways of using the Everything DiSC® assessments with their clients.

May – Uncovering Emotional Intelligence Myths

Jeremy Marchant joins Suzi. There is a lot of conversation in the business community about people feeling valued and having a sense of belonging in their organisation.  What this means to each of us is different,  but in all cases, it starts with understanding ourselves – our values, beliefs, thoughts and emotions and behaviours.  Add all of this together and we are talking about Emotional Intelligence.

June – What else can we do for you?

A peek behind the scenes at DISCsimple

We have a finely tuned engine amongst the mothership team at DISCsimple and this month we are focussing on them! We will be speaking to the people behind the scenes. Some you know well, some not so much. Join Joe Constant in his debut DISClive series as he takes us behind the curtain to find out about the people of DISCsimple.

July – Summer Love-in

Our DISCiples are why we at DISCsimple work! Our DISCiple team are a fine hand-picked selection of professionals who all have one thing in common – they want to help people! Join us as we meet those who believe in the power of the DISC profile and find out who they are and how they use the language of DISC with their clients.


Every Thursday 13:00 – 13:30


DISClivePRO is a fast-paced 30-minute Zoom call that is theme led and focused on using the suite of DISC tools. We regularly feature industry experts and build a targeted curriculum so professionals and organisations can get the most out of their DISC Toolkit and maximise their investment.


Hosted by Suzi and Joe, our experts in human behaviour in professional environments DISClivePRO is for those who believe that people are the key to success. Development professionals, HR managers, coaches, consultants, team leaders, management teams, and industry leaders who use DISC when working with clients.


Sometimes the power of the DISC profile can be forgotten and organisations might find that similar projects have a disappointing return on investment. At DISCsimple, we and our partners (or DISCiples!),  bring DISC to life by inspiring participants to use it in every aspect of their lives, encouraging its application in both personal and professional relationships. We ‘walk the talk’.

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