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Making DISC, Simple for all!

We use our DISClive Shows to focus on people and their relationships. We believe that open, honest communication can change the world and treating others how they want to be treated goes a long way in making the world a better place. Every week we use DISC to take a deep dive into each behavioural style in a way no other provider does! We run through all behavioural strengths and challenges and identify how our learners can spot these attributes in others.

What is happening in DISClive this month?

DISC when you have finished work for the day

Using DISC in your non-workplace relationships.

Teambuilding by DISC Style

Looking at each style in turn and using Catalyst to build teams

Agile EQ

Becoming the best version of yourself DISC Style

Switching to Wednesday in May

May has a glut of public holidays so join us for 5 weeks of DISClive fun on a Wednesday instead!


The DISClive Show is an interactive webinar for anyone who has completed a DISC assessment or just has a keen interest in learning about the DISC model and the four styles. We encourage self-reflection and learning in a safe and friendly environment. We keep things fun and fast-paced whilst incorporating an element of learning. Adults learn best in short bursts and over time, our viewers are given the ability to ‘return and learn’ as well as meeting like-minded individuals. We invite our participants to share stories from their experiences and participate however they feel comfortable.  


Every Monday 13:00- 13:30 on Zoom.  


Suzi, Emma and Joe host. 

What do you get?  

Tools and inspiration to improve communication productivity and teamwork. See if you can figure out your own style based on what you learn. Can you identify the styles of those you work with? Knowing about the different behaviours, how can you improve your relationships? 

How Much? 

Nada, niente, nix, nowt, zip! (Free! I know it’s crazy!) 

DISClive Show

  • A fresh topic every month, each session is stand-alone and while we would love to see you every week we understand that isn’t always possible! Join us when you can!
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100% of employees are people. 100% of customers are people. 100% of investors of people. If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.

Simon Sinek

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