Harness the power of conflict by transforming destructive behaviour into constructive responses.

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DISCover Conflict learning increases you and your team’s self-awareness around conflict behaviours, helping you all to effectively respond to uncomfortable and unavoidable challenges in the workplace.  DISCover Conflict programme focuses on:

  • Deepening understanding of self and others in conflict.
  • Understanding and recognising destructive behaviours.
  • Exploring techniques to redirect destructive behaviours into more productive responses.


DISCover Conflict uses the Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict content with DISCsimple’s simple but not simplistic delivery.  So if you are deciding to use DISCsimple to support the development of your team, here is some information on the content you can expect.  If you want us to deliver the models initially and then take the learning on yourselves, we can support you with the journey.  Or we can equip you with the materials you will need to roll the programme out to your team, blending the knowledge with your own conflict programme.  Either way don’t make any decisions until you have spoken to us personally so we can make sure you have the right solution and don’t waste time and money.


This is a blended learning programme designed to help learners increase self-awareness around conflict behaviour in the workplace and how to effectively respond to uncomfortable and challenging workplace conflict.  Outcomes include…

  • Learn about DISC® and how difference styles affect their own and others’ behaviours.
  • How thoughts can conflict with behaviours and what your own typical behaviours might be.
  • Learn about Everything DISC® process and how to ‘catch’ and reframe your thoughts and choose more productive behaviours in conflict.


Click on the Productive Conflict map below to check out the product brochure for more information.


At DISCsimple we have a proven framework to use the Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict content.  Once we have an initial DISCussion we can then tailor this recognised programme to best suit your needs and budget.

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