DISCovering Your Judge’s Style
Dec 6, 2021
Business Growth DISCiples

We have talked a lot about entering a competition and the styles of you and your potential competitors. However, do you ever consider what DISC styles your judges may be and how their styles can potentially influence their decisions? 

If you think of panel shows: X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice. There are always four judges. These shows know what they are doing! They want to appeal to as many people as possible so they hire judges that everyone can relate to.  

One from each style!  

So, in this blog we are going to look at what a judge from each particular style is like, what they look for, and how they give their feedback. 

D Style 

Your classic D style judge is fast-paced and knows what they are looking for. Think about Simon Cowell in X Factor & Britain’s Got Talent. He has a no-nonsense attitude and is visibly irritated if he thinks people are being foolish and mocking him or his competition. His behaviour can often come across as being grumpy or hypercritical but he genuinely values talent and people who are good at what they do.  

Feedback from a D-style judge is very candid. They are unapologetic and can often appear very direct in comparison to the other judges. D styles are often seen as the ‘leader’ of the judging panel and will often kick off giving feedback, or will have the final say.  

I Style 

I Style judges can be the wild card on the panel. It may not always be obvious why they are there, but they tend to fit in and are often lively and entertaining (think Bruno Tonioli on Strictly Come Dancing). They are fast-paced, outspoken, warm and accepting. They tend to be the positive voice of the competition and gloss over the not so perfect performances and will find something good to say no matter what.  

I styles will often make comments for a reaction, they are flamboyant, will more than likely wear something a little wild, they are loud and can often come across as insincere. However, they are often the judge that will make you laugh. 

S Style 

S styles are the lovely, calm and supportive people on the panel. They will always try to give kind and thoughtful feedback. They can’t stand it when people get upset and will always try to be positive and make them feel better. S styles are genuine and care about the person over their performance. They try to see the best in people and will always stand by their decisions.  

C Style 

A C-style judge is very technical and chooses their words with a lot of consideration. They are measured in pace and their praise is reserved for those who, in their opinion, earn it. They are well versed in analysing the technical aspects of the performance and will avoid picking their favourites. They value, and champion the contestants who listen to the feedback and take it onboard. Those contestants who act on the feedback given and use it to improve their performance will win favour from the C-style judge.

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