Donald Melrose

Donald works with Business Owners, Leaders, Managers and their Teams to create high performing enterprising businesses. Effective communication internally, is essential for building a business culture where the entire organisation are collectively pulling in the same direction. Most drama happens as a result of poor communication, so it makes sense to improve how people communicate with one another and you will reduce and remove the unnecessary drama.

He has used DISC extensively in the final stages of recruitment to ensure that the selection process for Leadership and Management Positions is a robust and consistent. By using DISC we can see how new hires will integrate with the existing team and how their personality will assist or impact the Organisation. Making the right decision saves time and money and ensure we get the right people in the right seats within the organisation.

His experience as a business improvement specialist includes in Oil, Farming, Banking, Manufacturing, Defence, Telecommunications, Retail and Hospitality.

Donald is also qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming which is a great compliment to DISC as it looks in depth at language and how the mind and behaviours are impacted by this language.