Emma Melrose

SI Style (Supporter/Influencer)


Personal Growth




Customer Experience

I create a safe space for individuals and teams to discover more about their effectiveness using my skills as a leader & executive coach, facilitator and trainer.

How can I help you?
We can’t change the situation however we can choose how we respond to it.

I work with individuals, managers, and leaders to improve their personal and business performance, through understanding how to communicate more effectively and handle conflict productively.

I work with teams to understand the value of diversity, increase teamwork and productivity.

How I work:
I start by creating a safe space for individuals to gain a better understanding of themselves, before moving on to explore relationships with others. This involves deep listening and the trust that builds to enable them to explore any fears that they are carrying.

Together we create practical action plans to increase personal effectiveness and team productivity that aligns with your purpose, so that its habit changing. I walk alongside my clients for as long as they feel they need me. I’m the cheerleader, the critical friend and there to hold space when its needs.

Interesting facts about me:
• I am a Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner and ILM7 Executive Coach & Mentor

• I’m proud to attend the University of life! It’s a lifelong commitment to learning and helps me to support clients in all aspects of their lives.

• I’ve taken on a few crazy personal challenges to step out of my comfort zone and raising monies for charities that have supported my loved ones in challenging times.

Em has world class listening and mentoring skills, knowing just when to press the button, ask the question, elicit a response, gently helping others to help themselves. Her approachable nature is a serious intellectual rigour that won’t let you get away with platitudes or non-answers to the issues that brought you here.

Past Clients: Hafan Cymru, Hwyel Dda, Mrs Bucket, Protolan