If you have a DISC profile on the Catalyst learning platform OR you thinking about one and want to learn more about how the platform works…..come on a DISCdemo.


Every Thursday 1300 – 1330

A fast-paced 30-minute session for professionals who use DISC as part of their ‘toolkit’, featuring industry experts.

FREE DISClive every Monday 1300 -1330

Free lunchtime learning where we dive into the DISC behavioural styles and their applications to your life.


Monthly Virtual Referral Lunch – Learning, Doing and Networking both as a community and within small breakout sessions. Whether you are a refersimple client, would like to bring a guest or you are a guest.


If you have a DiSC profile and want to learn more…

Family Session

Join us for a DISClive  and learn how to communicate better as a family.

Kick Start

Two days onboard training for new DISCiples, various dates available

DISCiple Team Call

On the first Friday of the month at 10am, we run a call for our DISCiple community where we get an update from DISCsimple HQ from Sarah Owen.