Everything DiSC® Profiles

There are all sorts of DISC providers out there in the world but the DISCsimple favourite child is the Wiley Everything DiSC® provider. There are many reasons for this. Far too many to mention here but here are our top four reasons for choosing this particular suite of profiles:


The quality of the reporting is exceptional:

  • Powered by 40+ years of global research
  • Adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms
  • Precise, personalized insights for each participant.


The profiles from Everything DiSC are backed by research and development the results of which they share (download a research report here). The ongoing global research carried out by Everything DiSC is translated into ebooks that are full of current wisdom and released to the public for free (check out the downloads at the bottom of the page).

Simple, but not Simplistic

The concept of the DiSC model is simple and the basics can be understood in minutes. The real gold of the understanding comes with further exploration and the application of the knowledge in situations experienced every day between individuals, teams and organisations all over the world.


Everything DiSC offers support for our learners like no other provider does. The Catalyst™ platform has been a game changer and truly nurtures learners throughout their careers leading to more resilient, better-connected, more empathetic and engaged teams.

PDF/Paper Profiles

Not all of the profiles are available on the Catalyst platform and sometimes there is no school like the old school!

You can still get all of the regular profiles as PDFs direct to your inbox and you can print them out or keep them on your desktop – but be sure to keep the key learnings close at hand so that you are referring to the research-backed knowledge that improves engagement, transforms your relationships and powers up your productivity.


We pledge to keep things simple!

DISC is a tool that helps to improve your communications, increases your productivity and improves your ability to work in teams.

Most companies invest in improving communication, productivity and teamwork in their organisations by developing management and cascading the knowledge to other employees.

At DISCsimple, we don’t see the point in teaching a new language to SOME of the team.

We believe that ALL of the team should be fluent. Our assessments are designed and priced to encourage organisations to teach EVERYONE the language of DISC.

DISCsimple has a team of DISC experts on hand nationally and we offer facilitation for hourly, half day, full day and project rates. We can facilitate training direct to your learners or provide support to your team leads so that they can facilitate the learning on an ongoing basis.

We are incredibly effective in teaching you how to use the platform, inspire learners on how to implement the learning and create great habits using their knowledge on a long-term basis.

We also provide a free service for all our clients to join the DISCussion at our DISClive Show for 30 minutes of participative and fun learning every Monday at 1300 GMT.

We understand how adults learn. Let us help you to maximise the value of using DISC in your organisation by booking a free consultation where we will design a bespoke solution that provides the outcomes you are looking for while matching your budget.


You can gain a formal Certification with Everything DiSC® at DISCsimple.

You don’t have to be certified to use the DISC methodology but taking part in an extensive training programme will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the Everything DiSC profiles and tools as well as increase your fluency in the benefits and impacts that the application of the learning can have in a workplace.

And at the end of the course, you will be able to use the credential: Everything DiSC® Certified Practitioner.

As an accredited Wiley partner DISCsimple can facilitate your Everything DiSC Certification and you will gain from our in-depth and longstanding knowledge from our application of the products in real-life situations over a combined 51 years.

Clients must own an Everything DiSC® on Catalyst Facilitation Kit, (sold separately)

A volume discount is available for 5 people or more from the same organisation (registered at the same time).

Do you want to know more but don’t feel ready to be certified? Join us as a DISCsimple Associate (affectionately known as DISCiples!) and get loads of the benefits of learning and a supportive network.

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