Festive Songs in the style of DISC
Dec 24, 2021
Business Growth DISCiples

We are nearing Christmas and supermarkets, shopping centres, and even bars and clubs have been playing Christmas songs since Mid-November! It is that time of year when the same songs circulate everywhere you go.

Some people love them and sing along!  

Other people hate it and are already wishing for Christmas to be over and the New Year to come! 

We at DISCsimple love Christmas and Christmas music and feel that there is a suitable song that fits each of the four DISC styles: 

D Style: 

Fast-paced, task-focused Doers – on Christmas Day they will be the person who takes over the kitchen, they want to cook the Turkey and get the job done, so they can get on with enjoying the rest of the day and believe they are the best person for the job. When it comes to their favourite Christmas song, it would be something upbeat and fast-paced – something old school that has been around for a few years.  

The song we think fits a D style best would be – All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey – you may not expect this for a D style but it is fast-paced, upbeat and in the song she knows what she wants and she’s going to get it, much like a D style who probably expects to get what they want for Christmas. 

I Style: 

Fast-paced, people-focused influences – they love Christmas, having a few drinks, seeing family and friends. Being around all the people they love and having fun is what makes an I style thrive. They’ll be leading the Christmas Day game, getting everyone involved and ensuring everyone’s glass is full, and definitely will be wearing the most extravagant Christmas jumpers. When it comes to Christmas music, the I style will take control of the speakers and ensure that they go through all the classic Christmas songs. 

The Christmas song we at DISCsimple associate most with an I style is – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Wizzard – it is upbeat, fun and an I style would definitely love to celebrate Christmas every day. 

S Style: 

Steady paced, people-focused supporters – S styles love everyone getting together and celebrating. They will love to buy loads of gifts for everyone (and often overspend). They enjoy seeing people’s reactions to their presents and thrive off the joy the other people feel rather than opening their own presents. They enjoy Christmas songs but want to make sure everyone is enjoying the music too over actually enjoying it themselves. They will prefer something slower that they can listen to sat by the fire.  

An S style’s favourite song could be – White Christmas by Bing Crosby – slow, peaceful but still highlights the magic of Christmas.   

C Style 

Task-oriented, steady-paced considerers – C styles will be the organisers of Christmas. They’ll sort out which family members you are seeing and the schedule of the day – when you’re opening presents when you’re having the food when you’re playing the board game. It can be a bit overwhelming with so many people so they need to know what is going on and when, and won’t like any unsuspected surprises. C styles won’t be opposed to Christmas music but would probably prefer the classics, something slow-paced and not necessarily the most upbeat. 

At DISCsimple we feel their go-to Christmas song would be – Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl – a song about a drunk couple having an argument may not seem like the best Christmas song, but it is a classic that everyone knows, slow-paced and still loved by everyone at Christmas Time. 

What are your favourite Christmas songs, let us know!