Gayle Tong

S Style (Supporter)

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20+ years of experience in the retail sector both as store management and Learning & Development in head office at SLT level

Team Facilitator / Trainer

1:1 Coaching – Senior Coach Practitioner with the EMCC, 7 years

Working with mid to senior level managers and small business owners across a variety of industries

My approach is action focused, direct, pragmatic, supportive and empathetic.

How can I help you?
• Working with leaders to developing a successful leadership approach

• Understanding, building & maintaining confidence in personal and professional lives

• Career progression and development, exploring options, working through redundancy and preparing for a new role

• Building profile, presence and self-awareness

• Communication styles with teams, peers and leaders; relationship building

How I work:
My mission is to live in a world where people have the courage to be the best confident, authentic version of themselves everyday.

My style of coaching is informal, it’s conversational and it’s all about you. We work together in partnership to achieve your goals.

DiSC offers a great foundation for you to understand and get to know yourself first. Once you have this knowledge, I believe you can then successfully tap into how to get the best out of others.

Interesting facts about me:
• I work to travel – if I’m not working, I’ll probably be on holiday somewhere!

• I’m a self-confessed bag-a-holic! Any opportunity for a new bag and I’m there

• When I was about 10 I took part in Roy Castle’s Record Breakers TV show for a record breaking tap dance with dance schools all around the UK!

Gayle has this incredible talent for extracting the positive. As you are discussing a situation she’s applying a mental filter then she will rewind to something you passed off as “ordinary”. She explores it so you realise your thoughts and actions deserve credit for being way above ordinary. This consistent reframing brings a positive change to your narrative & thoughts. Gayle helps and supports you to celebrate your achievements, recognise your worth and build on your success. I highly recommend working with her.

Client testimony

Gayle has been working with me personally for a number of years, supporting and coaching me through the tough years of starting and growing a business. She has recently worked with my senior team and her sessions have really facilitated the team growth and for my staff to really reflect on themselves, their style and how to strive to become the best leaders they can. Gayle is absolutely brilliant, I can say that I am about as far removed from the person she met years ago as you can be! Through coaching, dialogue and encouraging me to discover the answers and to keep pushing forward I have developed so much. Coaching shouldn’t be a luxury, everyone should have someone they can bounce off and can help them take space for reflection and support them to grow. I would recommend anyone to get in touch with Gayle.

Client testimony