Are you a small business owner? Do you want to grow your business? Have you dipped into lots of off the shelf ‘growth’ and self-help programmes and found they don’t really meet your needs?

growsimple is designed for small business owners who want to grow. By using the value of a supportive business community, being accountable to a business expert, and uncovering the right action-plan for you, growth is achieved. 

You will: 

  • Plan – Gain clarity over your goals. Working 1-1 with a growsimple consultant in a session lasting 2 hours, you will develop an Outcomes Map. You will think about what you want to achieve from your business over a meaningful time horizon – probably 18 months to 3 years. You will break everything down into intermediate outcomes and identify the specific initiatives you need to undertake to achieve them. You will see how everything is connected, and how everything contributes to getting to where you want to be. Then you will work with our partner Edge Forecast to develop a tailored, editable financial model that you can use to support both business-planning and finance raising. 
  • Prioritise – your outcomes map sets out initiatives and outcomes, but it is not a work plan. You still need to select the right initiatives to focus your time on. Your growsimple consultant will provide you with clear details on how to evaluate contribution to your goals against risk, cost and return, so you can prioritise your map – helping you to differentiate the tactical from the strategic, the winners from the losers – and turn it into a work plan. One to one support is offered if needed.
  • Communicate – complete an on-line DISC assessment and receive your personalised report to help you understand why you are like you are, to identify the traits and behaviours of others and to improve the way you work with them. We can also offer one to one Comparison Reports with anybody else who has completed their profile, including our consultants. We use comparison reports to improve how we work with you.
  • Set Goals – once your plan has been approved by your growsimple consultant, you will be invited to your first boot-camp, where you will receive your Goals Journal to support your work plan and measure ongoing progress. This unique component of the programme also works to keep your commitment strong.
  • Execute – when you have prioritised your map, you will present to the community your action plan and goals. Meeting 8 times a year, in a half-day session facilitated by your consultant, you will share your progress and gain support – from each other and from your expert consultant. Being part of a community that is holding itself to account will bridge the gap between intention and behaviour.
  • Grow –The community helps you focus on key actions, so your desired outcomes take care of themselves. As you work through your map, delivering initiatives, completing interim outcomes, you will see measurable progress and the growth of your business.


Measure your success on the actions you take, not on the outcomes.