How does your DISC Style Impact the Success of your Resolutions?
Jan 10, 2022
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It’s finally 2022 and new goals and visions are being set for the year.  

You can see what ours is for DISCsimple in our previous blog 

But what also comes with a new year is a new set of resolutions that everyone promises to try to achieve within the next year. 

We believe that your DISC style can impact how successful you are with your own resolutions and what sort of resolution you are likely to set: 

D Style

For those Doers among you! You are more likely to set a practical resolution. Something you can easily achieve (and then boast about how successful you have been in completing your resolutions!) 

When a D style sets a resolution, it will be for a specific reason. There will be a clear goal and likely some sort of action or result that will be seen and completed within a very specific time frame.  

If a D had a resolution to lose weight for example there would be a target weight in mind and a time frame as well as a preferred method (diet or exercise). If the target is not hit in the time frame, then efforts might stop and resolution fails. 

To give yourself the best chance of success we might encourage you to give a little! Maybe giving yourself a longer time to achieve your goal or decide to go down a clothes size rather than weight.  Often a D has no problem in sticking to a regime – the plan that gets you from A to B is sound, but it might be that there are unrealistic expectations on the level or number used as your target.  

We would also encourage you to take a little something from another style to help you along! 

Perhaps add a bit of fun from the I style, employ a friend to keep you accountable from the S style.   

I Style

For those of you who are fast-paced people-focused, you are more likely to make a million different resolutions – the majority of which you will forget immediately after your New Year’s Eve party. Your resolutions are likely to be focused on finding new experiences, having fun, or being great at something! You might dream of travelling the world, attending festivals, or another exciting activity where you can take lots of photos and find a story you can tell others!  

An I style will want to succeed and complete their resolutions but are more likely to get distracted by something ‘shinier’ and forget all about their goals for the year.  

An I style might start by thinking that they want to take up yoga, and before you know it there is a whole new wardrobe bought, 200 lessons booked, Instagram handles reserved, and your eye is on a yoga retreat as your next summer holiday! The I styles tend to go all out, hard and fast, but then things get in the way – maybe the lesson was too hard/too hot/ the clothes too tight/ the instructor too boring/ work too busy and painting is much more your thing anyway!  It’s not that you can’t stick at it – it’s more about your expectations and more practically energy levels! 

Take a leaf from the steadier paced styles! Slow down! Think about what you can reasonably achieve and how you can easily do it – choose a studio that is on your way home and start going once a week. Figure out a reward structure that will encourage you to keep doing something – after a month reward yourself with a new pair of yoga leggings, after 6 months get a new mat. If you make it into a handstand without breaking your neck, book the retreat! That way you have incentives built in to sticking at your resolution and making progress will seem like more fun!  

S Style

The supporter styles are more likely to make a resolution that will benefit someone else over themselves. Possibly along the lines of volunteering for a local charity or helping out at the homeless shelter. They will want to do more good deeds for others and possibly even help other styles complete their resolutions. 

S styles will also likely set resolutions with someone else (they’d be that perfect style to join a gym with) they are perfect at cheering others on and not want to let anyone down so missed sessions might not be a problem. If you want to learn a language, for example, join a group of beginners that all meet regularly and practice together – that way you are helping yourself and someone else at the same time.   

C Style 

 A C style is unlikely to set many resolutions (if any at all) as they will be more focused on planning out their year based on facts and research. They will expect to achieve their goals because they have prepared so thoroughly and therefore any resolution will be redundant as they already believe they will succeed.  

If a resolution is set, but not achieved within the desired time, a C style may not see the point in continuing to try. It will be written off as a failure and they will move their focus onto more reliable objectives.  

A C style might opt to learn a new instrument for example – a solitary activity that does not rely upon anyone else not showing up, slowing them down or worse pushing them to work faster. There is every chance that a C style would be more dogged in their endeavours and would be able to achieve their goal as long as they are not outed before they are ready to share their new found skill! 

A C style should not though underestimate the value of working with others to improve their abilities. Joining a small band or orchestra can vastly improve a skill level and a C style should try to be open about seeking out others once they are ready. 

At DISCsimple we know that everyone is a blend of all the styles and while these examples are dialled up, sometimes leaning into the other styles can improve your chance of success.  

Do any of these ring true with you? 

What are your resolutions for 2022? We’d love to know!  

If you would like to find out more about setting resolutions and creating new habits read James Clear’s Atomic Habits. It’s a great book!