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Rejoice in the Differences Partner Comparison Package

£200 Includes 2 Workplace on Catalyst Assessments and 1 Relationship Comparison Report and a Support Call.

Workplace and Agile EQ Bundle on Catalyst

£200 first time buyer (Retail £300) Includes 1 Workplace on Catalyst and 1 Agile EQ on Catalyst

Other Everything DiSC profiles available are:

  • Workplace on Catalyst
  • Agile EQ on Catalyst
  • Sales Profile
  • Management Profile
  • Work of Leaders Profile
  • Productive Conflict Report
  • Work of Leaders Group Report
  • 363°for Leaders
  • Comparison Report
  • Group Culture Report

Workplace Assessments for Teams and Co-workers

From 3 to 30,000 assessments, call 01558 821 123 or contact us by!

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How To Order a Profile?

Simply email us at and one of our team will sort out any boring admin and then send you the link to your profile(s).

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   What Our Clients Say

Amazing support as an Associate

Rated 5 out of 5
8th July 2021

I joined DISCsimple as an Associate in order to be able to support my clients better. The behavioural profiling that DISCsimple offers gives a phenomenal insight into business owners, the leadership team and all team members. More importantly, being part of DISCsimple is to be part of something really special; the support I receive is fantastic. From weekly ‘Live’ sessions where the profiling is brought to life with other Associates, clients and potential clients through to monthly sessions where as Associates we can gain insight from each other, including the really experienced Associates, the support is endless! An environment of continuous learning is demonstrated in everything DISCsimple offers and Sarah, Suzi and Em are exceptional in their support of the Associate network.

Susanne Samuel

Supportive and Engaging

Rated 5 out of 5
10th May 2021

Disc is a tool.
DiscSimple is a company.
The Team of Sarah, Em and Suzi bring the vision to life.
Engaging, friendly and supportive with a passionate desire and zeal to help associates develop their businesses in a strategic manner , with an emphasis on the quality of the customer experience.
Nice people to do business with!

Anthony Munday

A fantastic opportunity for our team

Rated 5 out of 5
26th March 2021

Thank you Em and Suzi for our 1-hour session which included a DISC masterclass. A fantastic opportunity for our team at HealthHubble to gain an understanding of DISC, and in particular, how this can help us in the new virtual world of video calls.

Dr Jacqualine Seckley