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Start from £50 each

Rejoice in the Differences Partner Comparison Package

£200 Includes 2 Workplace on Catalyst Assessments and 1 Relationship Comparison Report and a Support Call.

Workplace and Agile EQ Bundle on Catalyst

£200 first time buyer (Retail £300) Includes 1 Workplace on Catalyst and 1 Agile EQ on Catalyst

Other Everything DiSC profiles available are:

  • Workplace on Catalyst
  • Agile EQ on Catalyst
  • Sales Profile
  • Management Profile
  • Work of Leaders Profile
  • Productive Conflict Report
  • Work of Leaders Group Report
  • 363°for Leaders
  • Comparison Report
  • Group Culture Report

Workplace Assessments for Teams and Co-workers

From 3 to 30,000 assessments, call 01558 821 123 or contact us by!

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How To Order a Profile?

Simply email us at and one of our team will sort out any boring admin and then send you the link to your profile(s).

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Excellent (10/10)

   What Our Clients Say

Thanks to you guys for your super service!

Rated 4 out of 5
16th December 2022

We have been using DISCsimple for both our Recruitment arm as well as for our Coaching. The need for swiftly receiving a DISC/EQ profile report into our hands is crucial for our customers needs and the work that we do with them. Alex and Suzi have been brilliant in facilitating this for us. Thanks for this great service (and the profile reports have been excellent too!).

Neil Osment

Supportive network who are transparent and delightful to work with

Rated 5 out of 5
10th August 2021

I met Sarah Owen when I was considering setting up my own wellness consultancy, Unshakable Resilience and signed up quickly in becoming a DISC partner. I had some understanding of these communication tools so I knew what I had signed up for. Learning DISC has the power to help with team communication, engagement, collaboration and cultural transition. However this company is such a breath of fresh air to work with. Straightforward, clear and simple. They are transparent and supportive and really wrap their arms around giving you the tools so you can utilise them in the best way possible for your clients. Being an entrepreneur can be a tough and lonely journey but it’s so reassuring to know there are team members who I can call upon when I get stuck.

Thank you to the DISC team for your continuing partnership and support.

Much appreciated

Krish 🙂


Supportive and Engaging

Rated 5 out of 5
10th May 2021

Disc is a tool.

DiscSimple is a company.

The Team of Sarah, Em and Suzi bring the vision to life.

Engaging, friendly and supportive with a passionate desire and zeal to help associates develop their businesses in a strategic manner , with an emphasis on the quality of the customer experience.

Nice people to do business with!

Anthony Munday