How To Shift Your Mindset
Oct 15, 2021
Business Growth DISCiples

As discussed in last week’s blog, each DISC style has three mindsets that form its comfort zone. These are the natural mindsets that people instinctively use to form their opinions and responses. These mindsets form part of someone’s emotional intelligence (EI). To differ from your DISC style, which you cannot change, people have the ability to stretch out of their comfort zone and increase their EI by shifting their mindsets. 

 But how?  How can we shift our mindset? 

At DISCsimple we have come up with 4 steps to help you strengthen your EI. 

Step 1

Before we can stretch out of our comfort zone, we need to fully understand what we are already good at. Identifying the mindsets in our comfort zone allows us to comprehend our strengths and what comes easily to us. Recognising what we are naturally capable of can be a great help when dealing with challenges and learning to lean into our strengths will lead to success in the future. 

Step 2

Now that you know where your strengths lie, identify your weaknesses and take notice of where you struggle the most. These are not bad things. It is all part of growing your EI and learning where you need to improve. Becoming more self-aware and acknowledging which areas you need to work on will help you to grow as a person and increase your learning.  

Step 3

Note what you want to change. What impact do you want to create? Where would one mindset be more useful in a certain situation? Recognise whether you need to be more self-assured, more outgoing, more composed. Your situation can change rapidly, we all have the capacity to adapt and change as well. 

Step 4

When you find yourself in a difficult situation, try adapting your behaviour and responding to the situation rather than reacting. This won’t feel comfortable for you immediately, but practising will help you to increase your EI. Take small steps when looking at the mindset that you are trying to move into and use the tools and prompts suggested in your Agile EQ™ profile to help you grow and stretch.  

We are a blend of all the DISC styles which means that there is not a mindset that we cannot stretch into. Some are just more challenging than others. If you have a Workplace profile, you can unlock your Agile EQ™ profile and learn your natural mindsets and what you can do to be able to stretch outside of your comfort zone. 

As we say at DISCsimple: Rejoice in the differences!

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