Is DISC A Useful Tool For Recruitment?
Jul 17, 2021
DISC is a behavioural tool made up of four different styles.

D – Doers – Direct, Fast, Assertive.
I – Influencers – Charming, Energetic, Excited.
S – Supporters – Modest, Passive, Accommodating.
C – Considerers – Analytical, Conscientious, Logical.

Everyone is a blend of all four styles, however, they tend to favour one or two over the others. DISC is a tool used to improve understanding and communication within the workplace. It helps people adapt their behaviour to suit the style of those on their team to increase productivity and ultimately, profit.

DISC is not only a tool used to improve relationships within your job, it can also help in the recruiting process.

We Are Vocacio is a staffing and recruiting company who implement a video first approach. I have asked John Blackburn (Managing Director), and Jack Corfield (Marketing Manager) about their use of DISC and how it is helpful for We Are Vocacio’s clients and candidates.

Why do you use DISC?

“We are in the business of people. We help people take the next step in their careers by having a better understanding of people, we can give candidates and clients confidence in the decisions they make.
We are also big users of DISC internally. We use it as a tool to hire and to acknowledge our strengths and weakness. By understanding the language of DISC, we can communicate around each other’s styles helping to avoid conflict and maximise effectiveness in work.”

How does DISC help the candidate and the employer?

“The employer gets to look at their team and understand the areas where there may be weaknesses. This allows a greater understanding before hiring of how the candidates may fit into their team.

The employer can then tailor interview questions specific to the candidates, going into detail about the areas they may excel and the areas they may fall short. I can personally vouch for this process as I went through it when joining Vocacio. When I arrived to interview after completing a DISC assessment, John (the hiring manager) was able to show me how we compared to each other across several attributes. We identified areas where we would need to be cautious, but it was clear that my style was one that John needed within the business.

It’s worth mentioning that as the candidate gets their profile essentially paid for by the
Employer, whether they are successful or not, it is great for the candidate but also it is great for the company’s employer brand.”

Does DISC help a candidate to interview well?

‘If they do their homework, they can go and generate a comparison report based on the
Interviewer, so they can tailor their approach based on the audience!

For the candidate, DISC provides a framework to talk confidently about themselves during
the interview. The good, the bad and the ugly. Armed with this information the candidate can prepare answers around their strengths and weaknesses that are backed up by analysis. Without DISC, candidates can struggle to put these into words, which can lead to a bad interview.

When we provide the candidates with their DISC report, they have that for life. If they are
unsuccessful in the interview phase they can use their DISC report as a tool in any future
interviews they attend.

From personal experience learning the language of DISC is one of the most powerful tools a
candidate can arm themselves with.”

Do you think DISC is a useful tool for recruitment?

“Absolutely. It’s not a tool that we use with every candidate; however, we recommend it for all levels, but particularly those key management positions.

We can run candidates, and the team they will be joining, through DISC profiles. This means
the hiring team can then look at the candidate’s profiles and understand how they may fit into the team.”

To find out more about We Are Vocacio and their use of DISC, have a look at their latest blog post

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