Jac Leonard

SI Style (Supporter/Influencer)


Alison Clegg

Clients Include:

The Coaching Academy, Institute of Qualified Lifeguards, Lifetime, CIMSPA, UK Coaching, GLL, MEND, DC Leisure, Reed Momenta, Momenta Newcastle, Amicus Horizon, Lloyds Pharmacy, RLSS, Peugeot, Herbalife, Zurich, Baxi, NHS, States of Jersey, BBC, PSS, DVSA, Co-op Travel, BNP Paribas and Sainsburys.

Described as a consummate professional and charismatic trainer. My approach is all about putting people first, believing organisations can do well by doing good. I believe any form of learning and professional development has more impact if it is person-centred, outcome-driven and fun, (with serious intent).

I specialise in helping clients deliver profitable, customer-focused experiences; developing professional educators and business leaders; and the design and delivery of behaviour skills interventions.

I have a proven track record in facilitating cost-effective, engaging and sustainable solutions for clients that align with your culture and help you achieve tangible, measurable results.

My approach is relational, rather than transactional.  I only work with a select number of clients at any one time so I can make you, your team and your business my primary focus.  My goal is to offer a bespoke solution that helps you identify and address your business challenges and harnesses your people’s potential to better achieve your company objectives.

I write poetry and prose and am a published author.I’ve been involved in performance and elite sport and managed the Welsh Badminton Team at School, European and Commonwealth Games.I work with Bangor University Business School on the design, delivery and assessment of their leadership programmes and act as Facilitator on the Help to Grow programme.

In a highly competitive and changing world people expect a more genuine, original and relevant approach to customer service.  Jacky will certainly help any small business owner to identify who they are, why they’re in business and what really underpins and drives their business aspirations.

Liggy Webb

Bestselling author and Director, The Learning Architect

Jacky provides businesses with tried and tested customer focused principles to thrive in today’s fast paced market.  If you want to learn how to get a competitive edge, Jacky offers valuable insights that can dramatically transform how you operate.

Bev James

Bestselling Author, Business Mentor and CEO , The Coaching Academy

Jacky was instrumental in the production and delivery of a bespoke management training package that has effectively met our corporate training needs.  Her sessions are engaging, enjoyable and informative and challenge participants to step outside their personal comfort zones to achieve the most from the learning environment.

Rich Millard

Director, Places for People