Jane Simpson

I Style (Influencer)

Alison Clegg

Veterinary practices and small businesses

Though listening and asking the right questions I build trust and relationships to bring about organisational change in teams and leaders. I work with you to find practical, people focussed solutions, which will increase engagement and deliver real benefits.

How can I help you?
Have an issue with your people?

Want to improve the way your team works together?

 Want an extra pair of HR hands?

Want to improve the way your leadership team works? 

Want to increase your focus on wellbeing, improve communication, increase retention or improve your employer brand?

How I work:    

  1. I work with you to understand your needs, listening and asking questions to fully explore the situation
  2. I offer possible solutions
  3. We then work together to implement these.
  4. I support you throughout, using my 30 plus years of experience and HR skills

Interesting facts about me:
• Passionate about the outdoors especially the Lake District where I live; wild water swimming, running and mountaineering keep me fresh and alive.

• I combine people development in SMEs with working in our family tree surgery business. It focuses me on delivering practical, innovative and engaging solutions.


It is very easy to take your eye off the ball with HR management, it requires constant input. When problems appear intractable, Jane helps you to keep focused on the task by providing both advice and practical assistance. She helps you to step back and see ‘the wood for the trees’ and plot a path forwards.

Dominic Alexander

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