Julia Ngapo

CS Style (Considerer/Supporter)

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Change Management

Performance Improvement

Mindset Coaching

Business Coaching

Marketing Consultancy

My approach is very much aimed at you, the individual, helping you to explore the emotions which underpin your approach to business, and offering you a safe space within which to explore your challenges and share your thoughts and beliefs.

I offer challenge in just the right amount to enable you to deepen your self development, and to gain the most out of each coaching session.

How can I help you?
• Improving personal and business resilience
• Development of business strategies
• Creation of marketing strategy
• Performance improvement for you and your teams
• Growing and scaling your business
• Productivity improvement
• Improving mindset and removing blocks

How I work:
I offer 1:1 coaching and mentoring, as well as a hybrid coaching/self-study option, a subscription package and VIP intensive coaching day.

I use DiSC profiling, to support clients in developing their own self awareness, and E.Q., but also in developing their understanding of their colleagues. This tool helps improve cohesion and understanding in teams, leading to improved performance, and productivity.

Interesting facts about me:
• I’m married to a Kiwi – England v NZ rugby matches are always interesting in our house!

• I can sing Happy Birthday in Te Reo (Maori)

• I enjoy reading and devour books on a diverse range of subjects

• I love travelling, and have a very long bucket list of places to visit

Julia provided a psychologically safe space to explore challenges, unpack them and seek a better way forward. It was a great investment of time to reflect with a thinking partner and challenger of thoughts. I can confidently say I am walking away with a deeper sense of self awareness, self accountability and have made many positive incremental changes along the way to improve my career, business, and life.

Director. Banking & Finance.