Kick Start

Kick Start

As a DISCiple of DISCsimple, you have the opportunity to teach and help others to improve their results and relationships.

At DISCsimple we pledge to keep things simple in an otherwise complicated world!

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Get the Most Out of Your Team

What if communication were simpler?

What if teamwork were improved?

What if productivity increased?

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Excellent (10/10)

   What Our Clients Say

The beacon of light that is DISC!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
15th January 2024

I have been on a few pivotal courses throughout my career that have provided beacons of light and I’ve used day in day out. DISC is one of those!

DISCsimple’s knowledge using the Everything DiSC® tools and their help in integrating the knowledge into our organisation has been simple, but not simplistic. The Catalyst platform is brilliant and it enables personal introspection and reflection as well as the opportunity to see “in the laboratory” how our profiles interact with our colleagues – amazing!

As a large care provider based in Wales, we are using DISC daily and creating habits when using the knowledge. We are using our profiles in the organisation address book, sharing our profiles at the start of projects and relevant meetings and using the language of DISC to help day to day interactions and communication.

Charity based in South Wales

Thanks to you guys for your super service!

Rated 4.0 out of 5
16th December 2022

We have been using DISCsimple for both our Recruitment arm as well as for our Coaching. The need for swiftly receiving a DISC/EQ profile report into our hands is crucial for our customers needs and the work that we do with them. Alex and Suzi have been brilliant in facilitating this for us. Thanks for this great service (and the profile reports have been excellent too!).

Neil Osment

Amazing support as an Associate

Rated 5.0 out of 5
8th July 2021

I joined DISCsimple as an Associate in order to be able to support my clients better. The behavioural profiling that DISCsimple offers gives a phenomenal insight into business owners, the leadership team and all team members. More importantly, being part of DISCsimple is to be part of something really special; the support I receive is fantastic. From weekly ‘Live’ sessions where the profiling is brought to life with other Associates, clients and potential clients through to monthly sessions where as Associates we can gain insight from each other, including the really experienced Associates, the support is endless! An environment of continuous learning is demonstrated in everything DISCsimple offers and Sarah, Suzi and Em are exceptional in their support of the Associate network.

Susanne Samuel