Kim Jones

CD Style (Considerer/Doer)


Using DiSC Agile EQ with leaders to support executive development and improve performance

New director coaching and established leadership teams, including engaging dysfunctional boards

Working with boards and leadership teams as an external advisor to provide expertise, insight and objectivity

Helping businesses become more innovative and capture the value of its people


I focus on the outcomes that people want to achieve so that I can help them navigate their way towards their goals. I am analytical and practical by nature, always curious about business and why we do what we do. I help people take on uncomfortable challenges with a direct and supportive approach.

How can I help you?
Knowing your starting point, your strengths and what holds you back helps you make better decisions about your business. Working with me using DiSC you will understand more what makes you tick and how to improve how you lead.

I help you create and implement strategies that build confidence, focussing on your mindset and skills underpinned by knowledge.

I work with you and your leadership team to bring plans to life and support people through change.

How I work:
Getting to know each other and working on your priorities takes one to one time away from the busyness of the workplace/space. It’s personal and face to face is preferred, at least for the early sessions.

Remote can be highly effective too, when we are relaxed with the candour and challenge between us. We agree the scope of our sessions and measures of success, so that we know when it’s working and adapt pace, take on change in the business or take on learning.

Working with teams I adopt a facilitative approach and often work one to one with individuals in preparation for group work or to support them over a longer period. When facilitation is not enough, I can take a chair role helping teams stretch their strategic capabilities and attain better results.

Interesting facts about me:
• I’m curious about innovation and the endless inventiveness of the human mind
• I’m passionate about our industrial heritage and its shaping of the landscape
• I love books of all sorts and being outdoors

Having worked alongside Kim and seen her passion for supporting businesses…we knew she would be able to help us. We all understood the targets we wanted to meet but needed an effective plan to get there – whilst doing the day job.  Kim allowed us to define that plan and suggested actions in a way that suited us all and played to our strengths. We now have clearer goals and better understand what we need to do achieve them.

Charles van der Lande

Roxburgh Milkins

If we didn’t have access to Kim at the start of our journey, this business wouldn’t be where it is today

Nicola Ray