Knowing Your Team Down to their Roots
Jun 14, 2021

Every business needs the support of their team, just as every meal is supported by the vegetable that comes on the side. What’s important for both is knowing and understanding that each team member, each vegetable, is different. The way they work with the rest of the meal will vary depending on the vegetable you choose, just as it would in the workplace.

We at DISCsimple look at the language of DiSC, a tool that can help identify someone’s preferred behavioural patterns inside and out of the workplace. It comes down to four different accents, or styles.

D – The Doers – Task focused and Fast paced
I – The Influencer – People focused and Fast paced
S – The Supporters – People oriented and Steady paced
C – The Considerers – Task focused and Steady paced

We are all a blend of all four styles; however, one style may resonate more with the way we feel than the others. Once, you understand someone else’s preferred DiSC style (as well as understanding your own), you will be able to identify the best way to communicate, motivate and work with them.

Think of your team as the healthy addition to the meal, the vegetables are there to support the carbohydrates and fats of your business. To make it easier to identify the styles, we have paired up four everyday vegetables against each of the DISC accents:

D – Beetroot – It is what it is, hard, stylish. A tough exterior, but beautiful within.
I – Pea – Goes with everything. Likes to hang out with others in a pod. Grows in big crowds.
S – Onion – Base of lots of dishes, flexible. Compliments the other vegetables and adds a lot of flavour.
C – Asparagus – Doesn’t go with everything, very precise. Hard to grow. Grows one a time, very straight.

If you need help identifying your team’s (or even your own) DiSC style, get in touch today, or attend our weekly DISClive events to hear some useful tips on understanding the behavioural styles of others! ,