Lily Woi

SC Style (Supporter/Considerer)

Lily Woi Career Coach

Culture & Behavioural Change 

Leadership Development

Career Advancement

My profile and approach have been described as social, creative and versatile – I meet the needs of the moment while maintaining flexibility for the future. I enjoy working with you to test ideas and negotiate potential courses of action.

How can I help you?
Leaders hire me to unlock their full potential and succeed because most feel stuck and unfulfilled with their current work-life, not to mention, they don’t know what they want, how to get there or why they want it.

So I help them to get purposeful and intentional, to break the glass ceiling and to unleash their full potential. The bottom line is if they don’t prioritise their own growth, no one will.

How I work:
I am your partner. I will partner with you to effect sustainable change for you, your team and your company.

We’ll work on discovering the root cause of your challenge, visualise an exciting vision and develop specific interventions that’ll be tailored to your specific circumstances.

There is no one size fits all. We’ll experiment, learn and succeed together.

Interesting facts about me:
• Other than being fluent in English, I can speak conversational Mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay.
• I’ve dived with sharks before!

The experience working with Lily was a delight. She brought maturity and depth of conversation and learning unlike any I’ve ever experienced on a training course; personalised, informative, and reflective. She enabled me to consciously identify and understand certain behaviours and manage them accordingly to present the best version of me in the workplace.

Joey Pickering

Manager, Deloitte