The Lobster Claw
May 27, 2021

In a recent interview with Sarah Owen (founder of DISCsimple), we discussed how communication is key in every relationship and in today’s world, our advancements in technology increase the many ways we can communicate with each other: when a teenager texts their parents to say they will be home late; when you DM your pen pal who lives overseas; or when you are checking your work emails. Almost everything we do is a form of communication and it doesn’t always have to include direct words or messages. Even I am communicating to you right now through this blog.

In business, if your people are expert communicators but the technology you use lets you down, this is as bad as having great tech, but possessing poor communication skills. In an interview, having both good tech and great people skills creates a pincer effect of communication: if you only have one element, or half a lobster’s claw you won’t be able to deliver successful communication – you need both halves for the pincer to work! For instance, you could use the latest Apple products within your business, but if your people do not know how to talk to each other, or don’t understand each person’s preferred way of communicating, it doesn’t matter what technology you have. This can also be the case when interacting with clients, a lack of people and communication skills can put off any potential customers. (This is why we have partnered with Blackstar Communications – You can learn more on our partner’s page!)

You have to be able to understand people, their behaviours, their way of thinking, and their preferred working habits. If you can identify someone’s DiSC style, then you will be able to perfect the way that you can communicate with them:

  • D style: Fast paced, decisive and task oriented.
  • I style: Fast paced, enthusiastic and people focused.
  • S style: Steady paced, supportive, reflective and people focused.
  • C style: Task focused, steady paced, needs to know all the facts.

If you can master how to communicate, in the best way for that specific person, you can guarantee a positive response.

For more information on communicating with different styles, check out: DISClive and DISClivePRO.