Lucy Warman

iS Style (Influencer/Supporter)

Passionate about hospitality and high customer contact organisations

Specialise in developing managers

Helping employers to better engage their people and work with them to improve their recruitment practises

Taking full advantage of a career spanning operational hospitality management, leading large teams, HR management and training, I now utilise my varied skillset to support both my clients to achieve their business goals and individual managers to grow.

A qualified trainer, I design and deliver group management and customer service training programmes and also work with managers on a 121 basis using a blend of training, coaching, mentoring and consulting – tailored to individual needs.

How can I help you?
People are the organisations greatest asset and working with poor performing or disengaged employees is extremely costly. Retention is the key and it’s about finding, engaging & developing great people.

Surge Ahead supports customer facing businesses to improve the performance of their managers and team, increase the “happiness factor” of its people people and ensure the right people are bought into the business.

How I work:
Using DiSC, I work 121 with managers on a totally bespoke basis, designing the programme to fit their individual needs, using a mix of virtual and in person sessions. Likewise my training sessions are both face to face and virtual, depending on business and manager needs.

Interesting facts about me:
• Despite loving the sea I have a huge phobia of fish – living or otherwise!

Lucy has a unique way of approaching HR. She is hugely knowledgeable with the legalities of HR but the heart of her approach is about the people.  She is fearless in her quest to understand the problems and works towards the best outcome, always doing things the right way as opposed to the easy way. An inspiring Trainer/Facilitator Lucy is fantastic support for managers, she will help any manager or team grow with her positive influence, her solid knowledge and her compassionate nature.

Louise Brimble

Director, Inspire Events