Luke Menzies

D Style (Doer)

In my coaching work, I have a particular niche in coaching lawyers, other busy professionals (e.g. HR, doctors, accountants) and business owners.

I draw on my own long experience of professional practice and being a small business owner/manager, and on the stresses and strains, highs and lows, that come with that work – and I believe it allows me to offer powerful and highly effective coaching work.

I also have specialist training in stress management which many clients find helpful. 

I’m both a psychological coach and also a specialist employment lawyer, running my own law firm. I also regularly train executive and management teams in HR/legal issues (including equality, diversity and inclusion, which I’m really passionate about).

My approach is to bring a very professional but also very warm and engaging style to the people I work with. I can do lots of ‘detail’, while also being very human and sensitive to the many psychological aspects of how we tick. We all have needs, wants, fears and urges that crop up in our working lives and influence how we behave in work and in the workplace. I’m alive to these things, and find people and relationships endlessly fascinating.

How can I help you?

  • How to cope effectively with challenging workloads
  • How to evolve and develop your leadership and management skills/style
  • How to improve your relationship management skills (both work and home!)
  • How to manage your stress levels
  • How to overcome the parts of you that ‘get in your own way’ (perfectionism, avoiding, difficulty delegating, over-working, people-pleasing, anxiety, etc.)

How I work:
As a psychological coach, I help my clients achieve greater success, achievement, happiness and fulfilment in life/work. Often, the key to this is by helping my clients increase their self-awareness and self-management (emotional intelligence).

Having a greatly increased understanding of our thinking patterns and the emotions lurking beneath our decision-making and actions can provide us with considerable personal and professional growth and steps upwards on our journey to where we want to go. This is far more effective than focussing on the daily minutiae of your work. DiSC provides an incredibly helpful way of exploring these things and is one of the models I use.

Interesting facts about me:
• I was once very briefly on the One Show
• I’ve recently built my own garden shepherd’s hut – mad about carpentry
• In my spare time, I help run a castle as a visitor attraction
• I may be the least ‘lawyer-like’ lawyer you’ve ever met!


What a helpful, revealing and engaging experience coaching with Luke has been. He has a creative, inspiring and gently provocative way of getting into all the corners. He helpfully explores the things that make you tick and why. It didn’t take me long to realise that it was something worth investing in.

Digital Director

Luke has been instrumental in helping me through a difficult business environment. I have found the blend of his professional and coaching experience to be a great mix. He is not afraid to ask a difficult question and I have been able to look at problems and situations in different ways. I always come out of our meetings with a clearer mind and a plan for next steps.

CEO, medium-sized business