This programme is designed for “about to be” appointed and “newly” appointed Managers or Supervisors (less than 12 months tenure). 

People in your organisation who have typically excelled at tasks in their former role within your business but have not had experience of the science of people at the time of promotion.  They often have to transition from a peer status to a management role and using a management-specific profile with in-depth information, including tips, strategies and action plans to help managers become more effective.  It includes access to unlimited follow-up reports.

Most employees don’t leave bad jobs they leave bad management and this programme helps to improve retention both of the managers and the team, by focussing on communication and teamwork, leading to greater productivity and employee engagement. 

Employees can become invisible when doing their job well.  A disproportionate amount of time is spent on employees who are not performing.  This programme helps Managers and Supervisors to truly support their teams.  It helps them to manage the art of the difficult conversation. 


Each candidate will understand their own personal DISC management preferences

A thorough knowledge of the styles of their team

A thorough knowledge of their directing and delegating style

An understanding of what drives motivation of their team

The knowledge to recruit the right people and develop their team

A deep understanding of how their Manager sees them and how to work effectively

The opportunity to access further DISC products at a reduced fee

An action plan to implement after the session

managesimple is offered as a face to face workshop which lasts from 4 hours or a full day and will best suit a class size of up to 8 candidates

managesimple can be offered, using an individual profile, for one to one coaching to support the Manager over a period of time.  A newly appointed Manager would receive a set of four personal sessions and ad hoc support ongoing as HR led situations arise. 

This programme is only delivered by fully qualified HR Consultants with a specialism in the range of DISC tools.


This course can be sat as a “one off” with learning aids and an action plan created for your Management Team to continue to implement their action plans or with a facilitated review session to offer guidance on what actually happens when you apply the knowledge.

It can also be a precursor to one to one training or the procurement of additional DISC reports including Comparison and Productive Conflict Reports.