Mark Jarvis

CS Style (Considerer/Supporter)

Personal and professional growth, building and scaling better, stronger and smarter businesses

Business Mentor and Coach

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Relationship Marketing

Authentic and Effective Sales techniques

Productive Mastermind Groups

Non-Exec Directorships

I and the Academy I have founded are all about Growing People, Refining Processes, Developing Products and Increasing Profitability. I do this by bringing clarity to vision, traction to plans and reality to goals for my client partners, and working with fellow expert suppliers at the top of their game.

How can I help you?
From concept to sale, I work with the people within businesses and organisations, using 28+ years of real-world business experience across multiple business successes (and some failures), and bringing that experience to others to accelerate their own personal and professional journey.

My focus is on taking successful (often busy) people and the business or organisation they own/run, to the next level. This means that the people I work with have an ambition, desire and commitment to grow, scale, evolve and change.

Our key measurable outcomes are:

  1. People will connect and teams will be more productive
  2. Your priorities are solutioned more quickly
  3. Businesses will become more profitable
  4. Businesses will reduce costs and save time
  5. Businesses will lower their exposure to risk
  6. Positive change is planned for and consistent

How I work:
Working individually or in groups, training and supporting teams, with C-Suite and Board level exec’s. From structured learning sessions through to long term implementation support, The Academy supports people, businesses and organisations by wholly focussing on what they want to achieve in a timeframe that guarantees results.

Interesting facts about me:
• Committed petrolhead and equally committed to coffee and cake
• Fan of ecclesiastical and modernist architecture
• Top of my bucket list this year is to visit all 44 UK Cathedrals – currently I’m on 19!

Talking to Mark is like going to an optician – after speaking to him you leave seeing everything a lot more clearly!


Since I started using Mark’s services, I better manage and increase my business connections and I am winning new clients. It makes a positive difference to me and to my business