Success or failure in business is essentially a matter of human relationships. People skills involve being able to gauge how others feel, being aware of your own reactions and needs, and communicating and behaving in a way that gets the job done smoothly.

In business, meetings are still the most common way to communicate, but they are also the place where people skills get ignored in favour of personal agendas.

meetsimple is designed to improve the effectiveness of your meetings, whether that is the Board, critical negotiations (e.g. with a potential acquisition target, strategic partner, major new account), operational management, senior role interviews, performance reviews, or progress updates. Any meeting, whether face to face, or via digital link.  

Knowing yourself better is the best place to start developing great working relationships with others. That is why we start with the Everything DiSC® Workplace, a tool that will help you better understand why you are the way you are and to understand the traits and behaviours of others, allowing you to manage your relationships in a new way.

We will then explore with you how your meetings are currently run: how do people behave in them? what are the symptoms of poor meeting effectiveness in your business? are there other causes of dysfunction? what can be done to improve effectiveness?


Better working relationships with the people that matter – your team members, your manager, your customers, and everyone else who has an influence on your success

A clear agenda and purpose for each meeting

A clear meeting process – chair, single conversation, focus on agenda items, recorded actions, good time-keeping

A less stressful and more productive working life

Improved communication skills

meetsimple is tailored to your needs: it can be offered as a retainer, with our expert consultant attending your Board meeting as an advisor; focussed on a specific meeting, supporting with preparation and at the meeting itself; one to one coaching with specific individuals responsible, for example, for operational management or senior recruitment; or facilitated group workshops with teams.

Facilitated follow-up sessions are available to review progress and to offer guidance on what happens when you apply the knowledge.