Neil Osment

Si Style (Supporter/Influencer)

Lily Woi Career Coach

Business Development (strategic as well as operational)

Packaging Industry expertise



Practical help

Mine and my team’s focus is on the paper packaging arena – i.e. renewable resources and really nice people (in our experience), both of which appeal to our values!

We offer a “front end” service to our customers, offering strategic thinking, business development and market development help. We also believe that our service should extend as our customer’s needs extend and hence we have been providing both marketing services and recruitment help in the last 4 or 5 years to clients.

I work closely with Managing Directors, helping them to develop themselves and their businesses. By developing personal goals, encouraging emotional intelligence and supporting cultural development of their businesses, enable these MDs to feel happy and proud.

My team help with my support of these MD’s by providing tangible improvements for their businesses through our skills and expertise. My team also help enthuse senior managers with our practical help and service offering.

I use DISC as one of the of the personal development tools for MDs, encouraging self-awareness, personal learning and ways of communicating better.

How can I help you?
To have pride in your business, have pride in what you are doing/have achieved and to lead an emotional, authentic life.

How I work:
I work with MDs and business owners. I provide practical coaching and consulting support to senior managers. I am usually retained by clients (for over 12 years with our 2 oldest clients), available to help both my immediate sponsor (an MD or owner) as well as the team around him or her.

Interesting Facts about me:

  • I am a dad and a grandad and planted 15 trees recently for my grandson (born in November 2021, hoping to plant many more trees for many more grandchildren!).
  • I am often asked to present to packaging industry audiences all round the world (USA & Europe mainly). My next speaking event is with ECMA in Krakow, Poland in September.
  • I employ 3 people and provide a share of income for 5 more self-employed people.
  • I lived in Malta from age 10 to age 14; meeting (and being immersed in) new cultures is amazing!

Thank you for all your help over the past few months.  The benefit to the business and to me personally has been enormous.  Everybody has really enjoyed the strategic programme that you took us through and the time together working with you – a pleasure!

MD, National FMCG Company

The impact that NOA have made, in just a few months, has been remarkable.

VP, European Packaging Company

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